Oh no!! the medal question again.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wayner1970, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Serious question, which hopefully will attract decent answers. :roll:

    The Yeoman Warder behind the balding female is wearing the ribbons from the medals that were presented by the Kuwati and Saudi government after Op Granby, and as we all know are not permitted for wear in military uniform.

    I realise that many soldiers who have left the forces add these on to their "collection" for wear at reunions/remembrance service, right or wrong it's their choice but!! As a Yeoman Warder are you still bound by dress regulations and the Queens wishes or are you not?

    Come on you medal ninjas!

  2. Don't know - but the fact that he has a beard suggest they're not subject to exactly the same regulations.
  3. He is a Yeoman Warder and as such I'm reasonably confident he knows exactly what he is and isn't allowed to wear on his uniform
  4. I know Chelsea pensioners are subject to the same rules as ours in regards to medals. I would have thought Yeoman Warders would be as well considering they are in the public eye every day. At least the medals aren't bought 'off the shelf' so to speak, though why wear 3 medals for the same campaign?
  5. Forget the medals..there is a damn woman there!!!! :roll:
  6. Actually, they are "not permitted for wear", full stop. Admittedly, the writ only really runs to those under discipline (military and the civilian uniformed services) and attendance at court functions but ...

    Yes - they have their own (older - hence the beard) dress regs (as do the Honourable Corps of Gentlemen at Arms and the Royal Company of Archers) but they can't over-rule the Queen's order which allowed us to accept but not to wear - that was specific to the Saudi and Kuwaiti awards. ALthough this guy seems to be getting away with it ... Maybe Gen Dannatt can have a word with him?

    But, less seriously, can I say: "cops yesterday confirmed that one aged 56 has been cautioned for tampering with Moira's Wikipedia entry." Oh, the bully. Tampering with her wikipedia. What a dreadful crime.
  7. I thought it was one of the Para Battalions whose SNCO's and Officers all mounted their ISAF medals in their miniature groups?

    Pot calling Kettle, come in kettle :?
  8. To reply to your question, cock. We were told to wear the ISAF medal (in 2006) before the ruling came out that this medal was not to be worn. Once the ruling was published then the medals were taken off.

    Does that answer your question?
  9. Was that a bite?

    So wearing a medal before official approval was given? Medal Walt!

    :p :p :p
  10. Approval was given to us to wear the medal (by whom I do not know). It was then rebuked (by whom I do not know).

  11. Thats far more courteous!!!

    We'll let you off then :D :D XXX

    Personally I think you should wear them, Korea set the precedent
  12. I've met the guy stood behind her, he took on our 'Keys Ceremony' tour, I'm sure someone mentioned the fact that because they get a load of Arabs etc there on visits they can wear it so as to show they helped in the liberation of Kuwait.
    They may have been bluffing us though as it was a PRA visit and they were trying to stop us ransacking the bar!
  13. No they are not! That is why they can have numerous rows and we have one row. :roll:
  14. The rules and regulations for HM Forces in regards to the wearing of medals also apply to the Chelsea pensioners. Most Chelsea pensioners only have one row of medals these days. Most of them are from post WWII era.
  15. My Bold.

    To big oneself up methinks.