Oh No Im old

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Closet_Jibber, Sep 22, 2009.

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  1. Having just noticed the chains on my hanging baskets were getting a bit weathered this morning I went to taskers, got new ones and bought some new place mats whilst I was there. I stopped and thought as I came home that considering I've been wearing the same jeans for five days now and they only cost me £8 I must be getting old. 8O

    What "Old" stuff have you been doing today that young you would have taken the pesh out of you for?
  2. I did my wife.She's quite old.
  3. not taking a kip, but having a planned afternoon nap.
  4. Hanging baskets ........mmmmmmmmm nice ! but wearing the same pair of jeans for five days is a bit gungy or is it me ? clean clothes on everyday or maybe I'm just posh, 8 quid jeans eh ya meff :D stuff youngsters rip me for going to the disco !!! when it should be going clubbing.
  5. On a tuesday and during the day? How very continental. :wink:
  6. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Wearing my comfortable shoes and not my heels
  7. Reading rubbish on the web.
  8. I disinfected me grenhouse ready to start me cuttings off. Oh the shame of it. Think I'll treat meself to a Werther's.
  9. miserable old git. :D
  10. Nothing...... surprisingly..... :D
  11. Sharing the same regular 'bladder-clock' with a 61 year old in our office. I'm only 29.
  12. Looking forward to the weekend so I can mow the lawn & dump my rubbish at the tip.
  13. What do you mean it's Tuesday?
  14. ....I've just purchased a sports jacket, that I now wear with a shirt and jeans....

    I've started stopping on road trips for tea and scones.....

    I now have a bag of sweets in the glove box of the car, and will progress onto small tins of barley sugars very soon....

    Slipping comfortably into middle age...
  15. i am only 31 and i have issues with my bladder too