Oh No ! How long have I got left

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by wheelchairwarrier, Apr 12, 2007.

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  1. After returning home from a busy day at work , I was most surprised and delighted to be told my Mrs WW that my supper was to be a Balti curry made by my niece and next doors sprogs. Half way through the temperature had reduced enough for me to taste the meat, it was disgusting. Mrs WW recovered the packaging to find that the meat is in deed turkey chunks that are 12 days out of date……
    The question is then how long have I got before the biological miracle no doubt is working away vents forth ?
    Do I chance a normal evening routine , and trolly off to bed or do I resign my self to be suspended over the TOTO washlet sanitary device ( trap ) and left until daybreak. And any predictions on how bad the effects of a jar of Balti curry sauce can be on ones ringer.

    Oh and someone be clever and suggest moving this to the ......
  2. Have you got any good DVD's I can have???
  3. The spices in the curry sauce might kill the bacteria in the turkey ...... I expect you'll survive.
  4. Did I ever tell you how much of a mate you are to me???

    Don't forget to remind your solicitor next time you fancy checking your will!!!!
  5. maybe now would be a good time to start reading War and Peace!!
  6. Jesus man - are you still with us?
  7. If not, I bagsie the TV
  8. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    FFS the tins of Chicken Supreme (a joke if ever there was one) in our ratpack were out of date when Wellington took on the Frogs at Waterloo, but we still got them :cry: 12 days - fresh as daisies :flower:

    p.s. if you do pop your clogs, can I get your motorised chair please :wink:
  9. Now would be a good time for your wife to slip into a nurses uniform. I doubt it will help but it's worth a try!
  10. I think you'll be fine mate. Whilst not wanting to poke fun at a country for being, well, 3rd world - but i've been to india and dont think i ate anything meaty that hadn't been hung in the sun for at least a week. They all survive, i survived and i expect you will too.

    You got a curry cooked for you, stop bloody whinging man.
  11. ASDA
    needs dead ringers but avoid Turkey they kill people like you.

    Addtional note: my bitch wrote that so apologies if it doesnt make any sense. She has a nice arse tho.
  12. Glad you didn't ask for his boots! ;)
  13. his boots no chance i bags them.lol
  14. Well, thinking about it, they won't have much wear on them....

    .. any chance mate?
  15. WW,

    Have you got any snazzy go faster wheelchairs you don't want? I fancy doing the Marathon des Sables but don't want to *actually* run it. :D