Oh no...Ainsworthless says we have enough kit...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by spike7451, Nov 30, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    So that means what?Labour spin or kit rushed thru by the lowest bidder?...


  2. Must be right then!
  3. Not defending the cnut, but when have you ever known anyone say they have enough kit, wages, or anything.
  4. Hmmm.

    The word "adequate" hardly fills me with confidence.
  5. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    And the good Sir Jock states every chance he has that we have the kit and it's the best.

    Must be right.
  6. QUOTE:
    "The UK's armed forces have the vehicles and equipment needed to commit 500 more personnel to Afghanistan, Defence Secretary Bob Ainsworth has said."

    What about the other 9000 already out there :x :x :x ????????????????
  7. elovabloke

    elovabloke LE Moderator

    The deal was to ensure adequate kit for those going - not those there. Be reasonable.
  8. From the Beeb analysis:
    ... it seems that it is the 500 extra will have what they require, presumably the thousands already in Afghanistan will have to play catchup :?

    edited to add: dammit - beaten to it by fatsplasher
  9. Err, if my memory serves, that's around £7m per upgraded Merlin sent to Afghanistan.

    Again, if my memory serves, you can buy a brand new Blackhawk for £8m.

    What on earth have they been upgrading that costs that much?
  10. He obviously hasn't had to use one of those gash black daysacks then.
  11. Well he has made a public statement, so if tings start to go TU due to lack of kit then we point at him and say, "Yes Bob, but YOU said......."
  12. If 'Elicopters Ainsworthless say we have enough kit, it must be true…

    After all, Ainsworthless would never tell porkies now, would he?*

    * Except on his expenses claims which were the maximum possible.

    MP Bob Ainsworth makes joint highest MPs expenses claim
    May 16 2009 by Les Reid, Coventry Telegraph

    COVENTRY MP and armed forces minister Bob Ainsworth made the joint highest claim of all 646 MPs for his “second home” in 2007/08.

    The latest available figures show he is ranked joint first for his claim that year under the controversial Additional Costs Allowance for a “second home”.

    However, his overall expenses claim that year of £134,515, including staffing and office costs – on top of his salary of about £100,000 – was relatively low, as in other years.

    Asked about his second home claims, Mr Ainsworth said he was now hoping to enable the Coventry Telegraph to see his expenses files “as soon as possible” to enable a full explanation.

    Ahead of that, he told us he did not want to discuss the details, including whether or not his “second homes” claim was for his family home in Coventry or his flat in London.

    The rules state MPs should designate their “main home” as the one where they spend the most nights, although MPs including Home Secretary Jacqui Smith have been criticised for claiming the second homes allowance for their family home in their constituency.

    Mr Ainsworth pointed out, correctly, that his claim for a near maximum £23,083 in 2007/08 for the Additional Costs Allowance (ACA) was far higher than other years. His ACA claims for the previous four years were in the lowest half of all MPs, although his claim in 2002/03 was also the joint highest.

    The Labour MP for Coventry North East told the Coventry Telegraph: “It’s true I claimed the maximum of ACA for 2007/08.

    "I am not trying to escape that. It was higher than normal for reasons that will be apparent as soon as I am in a position to talk through the claims with you.

    “I’m getting conflicting advice. The Parliamentary Labour Party is saying we should get this into the public domain as soon as possible. The advice from the House is we should be careful if we do because we will have liabilities under data protection.”

  13. Why am I left with the feeling that the 'work' has been on semantics and statistics rather than actual delivery.
    Cynical, moi? :roll:
  14. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Just issuing a new set of desert kit should suffice! :oops:
  15. I'm going to assume BAE were doing the upgrades?