Oh my lord

I apologise, but I am feeling extremely frustrated and there doesn't appear to be anyone listening. We are now expected to do more ops and our reward for this is to have our pensions butchered. We signed our contracts, but actually what are they worth. I would talk about the government, saying everyone needs to take a share of the recession, but I don't see them going on ops 4 out of the last 7 years. Harmonisation my bum!!
Moan over, but proper pi$%ed off!!
For those who are say, well get out then!! clearly you don't have a clue and I suggest you get a grip, muppet!!

Ok proper moan over
Thanks for the means to vent
regards J
Journo looking for a bite?
Either that or an agent provocateur from the outrage bus company.
I agree with what the OP said! What the armed forces need is more pay, bigger wimmin and a shorter working week.
If he wasn't a Journo he'd know we don't have contracts but Terms of Service; a very different beast indeed!

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