Oh Lordy-cmon own up to this munter then......!


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Edited to add: sorry about that couldn't see the keyboard 'cos I had to wash out my eyes with bleach.
RibbleRaver said:
More importantly which sad f***** found her on a random website????? What were you googling for when you "came" across her?
That'd be me then...happy to oblige and bring to the masses more random frankie vaughn sites :D


Please don't..yet...wait til after tea time there's a good chap :D I aint looking at that site, at all :(
Now that's what you call a Block Rat! :D

I'm sure I've seen her walking out of the Slop Jockey's block in St omer on a Sunday morning!
I want to vote on how fckable she is, but the trouble is, is 1 good and 10 bad, or the other way round?

I've spent too many years in the fatherland and my ranking scale is farked...

Either way, she scores slightly better than Scaley's normal efforts in the Lady thread...
Sweet. Fucking. Christ.

You see, it's cunts like the bloke that chucked his custard up that... that thing that stop us from having street scenery like wot they have in every other European city. Ever seen a swamp-donkey like that in Paris or Milan? No. Reason why? Blokes there have a stronger sense of duty to the human gene pool even when pissed.
Just hips-that-passed-in-the-night!! (She was doing 35mph and I was doing 90). Thank god I had enough diesel to drive AROUND it :D
my tea... i have regurgitated it.

and i haven't even eaten it yet!
There is a bloke squaddie in there as well.

Dressed in the new pattern working dress (new pattern to me anyway).

I found him purely by accident.

Go on, you know you want to.
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