Oh look its the good ole pc do gooders brigade their out doing some good again.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Abdiel, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. It's a terrible state of mind to be in whereby you want to do this to yourself. Rest in Peace to him.
  2. I must admit I read this yesterday, and it appears he was suspended for a comment about "nice buttons" please tell me that was not the only reason.................. if it was, why did he think that only option was suicide?
  3. Selfish ****.....
  4. It seems that he was a decent bloke all in all, another victory for the fuckwits. When did we become so thin skinned that people can force a bloke to hang himself. Hope they are proud of themselves.
  5. Dunno ... possibly at the same time we began to believe the Daily Mail (or any other media) is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

  6. I thought the same thing myself, then i had to remind myself that the story appeared in that bastion of accurate journalism the daily hate. Ergo there are two possibilities.
    1. The hate have not reported all aspects of the story and there is more to this than is being immediately reported.
    2. Some of the people making complaints about "nice buttons" and i am assuming here that some/all are serving officers really need to get out more. I don,t know how they react to some of the more choice comments from the "clients/service users" they come into contact with and the pernicious cancer that is political correctness has reached new levels. Hopefully immediately prior to its long overdue demise.
  7. oof! Harsh!
  8. I guess shouting 'Fresh meat lads' when the new office temp rolls in is out of the question these day?
  9. Question, what can you say that isn't construed as

    and any other ist I can think of.

    Seems even to hold a conversation the best bet is to stick to yes and no with no elaboration.
  10. DCC David Ainsworth – Too Fresh For PSD?
    March 22, 2011 by inspectorgadget
    I first wrote about Wiltshire DCC David Ainsworth in September 2010.

    I wondered if he would receive the same support from his colleague, ACC Patrick Geenty, as Sergeant Mark Andrews did prior to his being acquitted of assaulting the appallingly behaved Pamela Somerville.

    We will never know. Poor Mr Ainsworth has been found dead at his home this morning. The media coverage is widespread.

    I hope that the South Wales Dog with the ginger eyebrows will be having a nice chat with the IPCC about this last dealings with ‘the brain’, but then again, I doubt it. We know that whatever Mr Ainsworth is supposed to have done, it did not include corruption or criminal activity. I think we should leave it at that.

    What we do know is that he was passionate about his work in the field of vehicle crime, he possessed a considerable intellect (hence his nickname) and he does not appear to have used it to persecute less senior officers with silly ideas and initiatives simply to gain promotion. In this, he was probably fairly unique among his ACPO colleagues.

    If he has crashed and burned over a gender or diversity issue, he is probably unique among his ACPO colleagues for having been caught. Remember, under the new Police Regs, it’s not only very naughty to say rude or saucy things to colleagues but it’s also very very naughty not to report your colleagues if you hear them doing it.

    Whatever has happened, I think we should be sad that another officer is down, and remember the positives about him. Oh, and one more thing; whoever reported him for saying ‘Nice Buttons’ needs to get hold of a stab vest, get out more and start questioning their own resilience. You have stolen a father from those children. Well done.

  11. Just a thought, but why does the Chief Constable require a Deputy Chief Constable AND an Assistant Chief Constable? Is the poor lamb so overworked that he cannot do without these people? Are there also an Assistant Deputy and a Deputy Assistant (as the directors of our local council appear to have)?
  12. The trouble is that you cannot measure it. Saying nice buttons to one woman may have her in fits of giggles, another will just tut and the ugly one will make a formal complaint about being harassed.

    Think I got that right.
  13. Y'know 'elephants feet' cakes? They're like a big round choux pastry bun, filled with cream and covered in chocolate icing? Well, round here they're known as 'niggers lips'...or they used to be! I have a friend who was bunged out of the police force, because when asked for his lunch order by a colleague who was popping to the shops, he asked for a ham cob and a niggers lips!

    My friend makes five alpha look like a blonde!!