oh how very "Current"

Just had a quick look on the Army website and on the PWRR page,

isn't it great to see that apparently they haven't been anywhere since 2002, or at leats that is apprently there Current operations :?:


isn't it great that they haev completely ignored there recent Operations in the Gulf!!

all in all i have to say i think ythat the majority of that whole site is completely FUBAR!!!
True, the PWO webby is toss, dosen't get updatad, Unlike a few regts who have really good webbys.
This is typical across the forces. Wanting to embrace new technology without understanding what it can do and what is needed to use it properly. Most Regiments are relying on the MOD to update their sites. They have no idea that a good current web-site could be a great recruiting aid without having to be expensive.

On my business site the cost, including a full-time web-master generates over 4 times the income.

If you were a young sprog looking for which unit to join would you go with the one whose site was 3 years out of date or one that was current and full of interactive info and feed-back? Most Regimental sites are boring anyway?