Oh for God's Sake !!!!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by eve1962, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. I mean, they don't HAVE to go see the play ... just because THEY disagree with it, they assume it's OK to riot and cause mayhem. This attitude sickens me.


    By Rod Chaytor

    HUNDREDS of Sikhs stormed a theatre staging a controversial play.

    Riot police clashed with religious followers who burst into the foyer, setting off alarms, smashing windows and hurling eggs.

    Nearly 1,000 rioters had gathered outside Birmingham Repertory Theatre after travelling from all over the country.

    They were furious about the play Behtzi - whose Punjabi title means dishonour - which portrays rape, murder and abuse inside a Sikh temple.

    Three police were hurt and three men arrested for public order offences.

    The theatre came under attack, just before 7pm on Saturday night and the play had to be abandoned

    Trouble spilled into the street and police sealed off the area. A witness said: "The crowd went crazy when they managed to storm into the Rep."

    Yesterday it was unclear whether future performances would go ahead. Meetings are due today between the police, the Rep and members of the Sikh community.
  2. Saw some of it on the news yesterday. The religous leaders were 'happy' so long as the incidents didn't take place in a temple. I suppose Christians should riot if it took place in a church! It appears Sikhs are now on the 'religous intolerance' bandwagon.
  3. Fortunately we live in a country where people have freedom of speech. If the Sikh community disagree with the play, that is their right and a peaceful demonstration would be appropriate. It remains to be seen whether the play is complete fiction and was intended to cause offence.

    The use of violence against those who differ in thinking to you is wrong, and those who are guilty of violence should face the consequences of the law.

    I personally disagree with just about everything Tony Bliar says, doesnt mean i have the right to saunter down to downing street and break the windows.

  4. A 'community leader' interviewed on tv news was spouting about the play being wrong because the writer didn't know anything about the religion. The author of the play is a Sikh....
  5. Whether the writer knows much about religion or not shouldn't matter. A writer can write what he/she wishes. Up to individuals to make the decision whether or not to read the book/see the play.

    I do believe the time has come to abolish religion and make it illegal.

  6. To incite religious hatered is illegal, however it doesnt give you free reign to cause violence. We live in a country where minorities rule unfortunately, and having an oppinion about a minority group is a taboo, whether based on fact or otherwise.

    Wish they would all just fcuk off to be quite honest :?

  7. Unknown_Quantity

    Unknown_Quantity War Hero Moderator

    We would allow it for any branch of christanity and so it should be allowed to continue. If the Sikhs can't take something said by one of their own then they are in for a similar time to what the Muslims are getting at the moment. Lots of derision from all sorts of people and demands from the odd one or two that they be made to see our point of view/evicted from the country/banned.

    No use to anyone really.
  8. Wish they would all just fcuk off to be quite honest :?


    I second that viewpoint!!
  9. I am assuming most of you have seen The Life of Brian. Feckin hilarious . A big dig at christianity, which resulted in a big outcry from The Church when it was first released. "Its Blasphemy i tell you".

    Thats where the protest ended, no riots no murders, just a loud protest from The Church. Thankfuly the Monty Python Crew lives on.
    That is as far as any protest should go verbal .More than likely the rioteers will just get a pat on the back from their leaders when the true leader should be the laws of the land. :x

  10. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    VB if it is the same person on BBC this morning then his point was not that the author did not know about Sikhism but that the audience at the theatre would not understand the Sikh viewpoint. He argued that setting the play in a temple was what was angering people rather than the content and fully understands what the writer was aiming at.

    The fact it was set in a temple isIMHO, of course, deliberate by the author, and I would suggest that she expected, and hoped for, this sort of reaction. It will do her CV no harm when she goes to BBC or Channel 4 with her next script.

    On a personal point of view, if her intention was to get publicity then she should get all the flak she is entitled to.
  11. RTFQ


    Eve, most of us here have seen the visceral results of extremist religion (or at least the religious excuse), be it in NI, the Balkans, Africa ot the mid-east and are very much inclined to agree with you. From what I've seen, religion in the military is almost entirely a secular and personal thing. The only time we go to church is to see our friends marry, to see them off properly or on Remembrance Day. I believe that the stoic humility displayed at the last two ceremonies in particular put the vocal communities of Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Sikhism or blo0dy Mickey Mouse-ism to shame. The only time we ever really seek out the hotline to God is after those "that was a bit blo0dy close for my liking" moments or during a particularly bad curry and caffreys sh1t, so we largely view organised community-centric religion from an outsider's viewpoint and don't really get what all the fuss is about.

    But on friday I met a bloke in a train car park. Clearly a mental out-patient, he asked if he could 'borrow' £1.15 for the bus fair to the hospital. I obliged because he was a bit flustered, but had to walk with him to the ticket machine to get some change. As you do, you get chatting and he says that Christmas is a really sh1tty time for him, but that God looks after him and his local church group get together and make sure he doesn't spend chrimbo on his jack. He also says that he and his church group raise lots of money for the Mind charity. He muddles through from, what I could surmise, a mix of his beliefs and the support of his religious community.

    I know what I believe and that is none of anyone else's business. This bloke may be deluded and certainly is no rocket scientist, but religion is a good thing for him. I put to you that religion isn't the problem, it's the nasty fascists that use it to control and abuse people time and again that need sorting. That's the difficult bit....
  12. Well put RTFQ - many churches provide this sort of social lifeline, not just for the dispossessed but also for ordinary people who find themselves in an unfamiliar situation, eg many parent and baby groups are run by churches.

    One can dislike the dogma without condemning the whole, much of which is good.
  13. Religion gives many Hope, when everything else is lost. Take that away and we are no longer human.

    Religion gives the minority an excuse to hide behind. Take that away and we will have peace.

  14. She may deserve the criticism but don't forget three police officers were reported as injured in this. As much as we have at times disagreed with our brethern in the Police it doesn't mean that they deserved the aggravation.
  15. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Totally agree MikeMcc. However, and with some plods as friends, they would be the first to say that part of their job is to sort out trouble. I am sorry that anyone was hurt just for a play, which is fiction after all, and I hope that this calms down.

    What it will probably mean though, is that the theatre will now be full for the next few sessions because people will want to see what all the fuss is about. Putting on my cynical hat I feel that putting on the play at this time of year was also designed to create media interest. And unfortunately it has worked.

    Perhaps the author should be 'invited' to pay for the extra policing that will now be required.