Oh for god sake when will this end!

An instrumental version of feed the world with fat fuckers miming. All they knew were the words at the end.
These things are way past their sell by dates - no originality anymore. All I can say is thank Christ the Pioneers were not doing a calendar girls shot as well; another genre that has had the arse kicked out of it.
Anyone know of a Pioneer Sgt that couldn't grow an impressive set of bristles - is it part of the jobspec? If so, I would never have passed muster with my bum fluff.
Listening to Radio 2 this morning and some school kids have made a record the same as the Army wives. Then the comments come flooding in from the likes of Mabel Grimsdyke "I was crying into my cornflakes at that song, so bootiful" and Hector Fucknuckle saying that he's 33 years of age and he'd never heard anything quite like it.

No son, neither have I and these kids ain't been paying attention in music class. They're meant to sing in harmony, not disharmony! Get back to learning the 3 R's instead of thinking some numbnuts is going to buy your pap single!
I'm surprised some cunting firm hasn't produced fucking Christmas car window stickers.

'My husband is a hero and his children are missing him this Christmas'


Because he's always out on the piss or shagging other women.
What the fuck was that thing on the PTI's nose? A tattoo of Cyprus?
Yeah, now but will he ever be a REAL civvy?

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