Oh Flower of Scotland !

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by the_guru, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. http://tinyurl.com/l6qzx

    It's a braw bricht, moonlicht nicht the nicht, Jimmy !!

    I cannae give ye no more, Cap'n, She's givin' all she's got !!

    * Insert cliche as appropriate.

    Theres discontent in the Glens !!
  2. Ranald MacDonald??? Is he not the frontman for west Belfast's nutritious food outlet?
  3. Aye, laddy.

    I picked up on that. I believe he runs a fast food outfit in Fort William selling his world famous "McMac"

    Two Haggis pattys, loaded with tatties and neeps, in a Dundee Cake bun, sprinkled with Temazepam, all deep fried in Lard

    Yummsville !
  4. You forgot the broon sauce.
  5. ..and the Dum-fries
  6. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    But will he be inviting the Campbell's to the party? Revenge for 1692? :twisted:
  7. Hoots man!

    Having to refer the problem to be decided by a soft lowlander (south of Crieff), what's the country coming to?

    In days gone past, the problem would have been solved by taking part in a miniature version of the highland games consisiting of 3 rounds

    1. The first man to successfully down a bottle of rarest single malt (and by that i mean not to miss a drop, they are scottish after all :wink: ), then wedge the giant ceremonial quaich under his foreskin and bang it 3 times on the table.

    2.Involves a dash up the nearest mountain (we dont have hills oop north!) carrying a fully grown red deer hind over his shoulders, then mount the hind and whisper in her ear 'I'm horny, from Aberdeen and there are no sheep about'. Winner is the last man on his hind.

    3.First man to successfully eat a deep fried Ram's scrotum which he has to 'dook' for in a bucket of flaming blended malts (all it's good for). Extra point may be given to the man with least facial burns.

    Jobs a good un :D
  9. Sad man angry at the world, What's up? Got a tiny tool? Did daddy touch you at night or are you bitter that he did'nt?
  10. No, he's from Cheshire, it is normal. Haven't you seen Hollyoaks?
  11. The Highlands start at Creiff?...and the mountain things in my window on the shores of Loch Lomond Are????
    Scotch mist per chance!

    I don't get it why noise up the southern folk?
    you get battered down south?

    Anyway leave it out....I've met lots of good good types North and South of Hadrians Wall.

    Remember not all the "Jocks" hark from the Mother Country...Being a "Jock " is a state of mind not a birth right!.......many a fine "Jock" comes from a far place!


    The Ninja (Who's Family Harks to the CAMPBELL line)
  12. Perth actually, the Gateway to the Highlands :D
  13. HOW do you get that...the shortbread version of our history....and the most Southern Munro is????

    so muro's are not in the Highlands?
  14. Last Time I checked there were not too many mountains at Perth!
  15. there's Kinnoull Hill!!!

    it's just what they stick up on the road signs as you drive into Perth, I never figured it out either, I thought it would be further up the road, like Birnam!