oh ffs... Escape From New York to be remade?


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There is a rumour going around that John Carpenters " The Thing " is being lined up for a continuation story rather than a remake.....if they screw up my all time favourite film, that will beyond heresy.
No. No. Sorry. No.

No. Some things cannot be improved upon and the original was the purest example of its kind.

Just.... don't. No.
They could franchise different towns for Kurt Russel to escape from; "Escape from Workington","Escape from Peterlee" etc. except it wouldn't be self-funding with those two examples.
sorry to say this is stories a bit old, John Carpenter and Kurt Russell haven't approved this remake.

The Thing may be a prequel, so would be based in that Norweign base.

On the subjects of remakes, I thought The Gamer was almost like The Running Man

...i'll get me coat
Lazy Hollywood cnuts, they want the money without the effort of producing something new and entertaining. It's getting out of hand.
Escape from the Goverment..
After a high profile bomber containing certain... artifacts belonging to the US Government is shot down over Western California, (everyone loves California,) the naive, womanising pilot, (Captain Brad Zipper, USAF) is captured by strange men in suits. He is drugged and taken to an empty hospital in San Fransisco for testing. While in hospital he finds he has powers and breaks out of his hospital bed, finds a sassy black girl as a sidekick, is pulled by a mystic force to somewhere in Nevada, drives across states, kills a lot of evil government types, blows up National Guard depots, nuclear stockpiles, FBI offices, Orphanages etc, finds place turns out it is Area 51, kills more people, exposes it all and becomes an International hero. Marries black chick they become leaders of the US and bring the world together.

You don't have to remake all the time Hollywood!
Werewolf said:
FFS, they never learn. I still have'nt forgiven Cage for the remake of The Wicker Man... 8O :crash:
I cannot forgive such crayoning on a masterpiece, which Wicker Man is despite the unfortunate casting of Britt Ekland as a villager in the Scotish islands. The island had to be pretty feckin far to the north for a villager to have a swedish accent. Other than her, wonderful film.
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