Oh feck.........

The Missus is making very very serious noises about joining the TA as an hofficer.

I appreciate it might be the alcopops talking, but Hellllllllp.

Me last chick joined the TA for the same reasons (I want to know what u lot get up to..  :mad:

"I can answer that Darling, Ex.Shagfest2002" as if...

What in God's name can I say to put her off?

All suggestions, good , bad, ugly, rude lewd and crude appreciated.

HElp Me.... :-[
Humph de Til is in the TA. 'Nuff said.

Harsh....but ultimately fair  ;D


Start going for bergen runs and tell her you think its a brill idea, lots of things to talk about etc, get out a few pamplets and talk army all the time, she'll soon get fed up and change her mind........come to think of it what the f##k am i doing in the TA....
PTP...I can think of lots of things to put her off...........but you lot will just become all over sensitive again and try to get me thrown off the site........ ;)


Just explain to her that every woman in the Army gets issued a mandatory fat arse at the stores when they join. That'll stop her no drama.
Tell her you think it’s a brilliant idea and you’ll support her all the way. One of two things will happen:

She’ll get very suspicious at why you want her to join and think it is some method of getter her out of the house so will reconsider her plan
more likely do the complete opposite of what you want and not join for that reason.
ALS?.........are those the chaps who used to sort out mortgages before they joined the Army?......If there are any out there.......I could put a bit of conveyancing your way.....just for old times sake!
I wouldn’t risk getting a mortgage off them. Had them help me out after a small problem one of my soldiers had whilst on expedition. Ended up with the third party suing me and it cost £400 out of my pocket. Cheers easy.

Good idea, you're heading towards the gravy train mate.

First:  get the army to pay her whilst she does colloquial language training.

Second:  Before she's finished her first operational tour get her CV off to OSCE, OHR or similar.

Third:  Simply sit back and live off her earnings!

Must dash my Mrs gets home in 2 hours, she does miss the army..............

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