Oh feck no!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Tazzers, Jul 17, 2009.

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  1. This has got to be a joke.

    I work for a telecommunications company with too few field engineers to carry out all of the work they are tasked with. The companies response is to reduce the number of network engineers by about 10%.
  2. I can't understand why anyone should be surprized at this sort of thing. U.K has the largest number of accountants "bean counters" per head of population, in the world. When times get hard, B C's will make sure it is productive and useful people who get the boot before their parasitic fellows.
  3. This makes me sick, it makes me and many others like me reconsider applying for the Army when you see this, im still applying but even the advisor at my local job centre asked "Are you sure you really want to join when they dont have all they need?"

    I dont understand why when its vital that our forces receive more equipment and get a much bigger budget that the government decide to cut spending. Blood is on their hands I feel, but its defeat for us all in the long run, I think its in that "The Art of War" that says "never trust an alliance with the strong" I think this goverment and the others before it rely to heavily on America as the new world protector, if WW2's aftermath should have taught us anything its not to rely on the yanks to heavily afterall we only finished paying off that ridiculous loan several years ago and its cost us more than money.
  4. Well said Star. What this country needs is more people who are willing and able to do something more positive than fiddle with a few numbers on a balance sheet or computer screen . "Accountants never built anything"
  5. Even the Goverment's own PR team hate them, it seems!

    Roll on the General Election and the death of 'New Labour'.
  6. Not death, exile. All of New Labour's blundering and loathing from all corners of the public is exactly what happened to the tories just before Blair got in. Most likely Labour will be beaten down to lick their wounds, hopefully they'll get a decent leader so that the tories have some competition and raise their game when they're in power. That was the problem when Blair was elected in for round 2 and 3, there was just no one else to vote for. Or he fiddled the system, I'm not sure.
  7. It will take more than a decent leader.

    The conservatives are far from perfect, but they are at least capable of producing a decent government from time to time. Labour have never produced a decent government. Their main problem - worse even their inherent economic retardedness - is that they are a socialist party and socialism - much like its friendly cousin communism - is a failed concept.
  8. Does this strike anyone else as a deliberate media move by one of the two sides? Seems like either the MoD trying to do over Number 10 for the forthcoming overall reduced budget by choosing cuts on something so incendiery at the moment or Number 10 trying to screw the MoD by leaking a proposed plan to give themselves some cover by using the 'Well if helicopters are so vital why are the MoD cutting back on them?' line.
  9. not exile why the feck should they escape :roll:
    plenty of hospital cleaner healthcare assitant work needs doing as long as closely supervised could'nt do too much damage surely :evil:
  10. It is a good point and one I think the defence chiefs are going to have to address if the latter scenario is true.

    Not so long ago the government proposed American style police chiefs, I think it has been swept under the carpet. Now the way I see it it the armed forces do not have a voice away from the ballot box during an election and the politicians can play then any which way they choose. If the chiefs stick their necks out the politicians immediately accuse them of playing politics and that is the last thing they should do.

    However the chiefs should be able to pull their accusers up short by saying they are not playing politics they are trying to achieve the goals they have been set and they are taking care (under the guise of health and safety if necessary) of the people they are directly responsible for.

    So if the politicians try to shift responsibility onto the services for a 'decision to cut helicopter numbers', the service chiefs should push back by informing the public that ultimately the decision is not theirs to make.
  11. Why are you applying at a civi-run job centre as opposed to an ACIO/AFCO?? We all know that those folk who've never been in the army are not in a position to comment truthfully about the army - they get their facts from places like the BBC and let's face it, they never portray the army in a decent light (all suffering from PTSD and the like). Suffice to say though, i understand yr reservations about joining up though...
  12. FCUK LABOUR!!! WE NEED TO GET THIS SISSY CNUT OUT OF OFFICE ASAP! i think the reason he wont support our troops fully is cos he thinks his popularity would drop in the public eye and hes far too stupid to realise no-one wants him as a leader for our great nation (pffft), brown and bliar have successfully built up this country and fcuked it in the arrse over their 'leadership' term, would anyone bat an eyelid if the SAS did something about it?? im sure we could all be at the shops when it went down, turn the other cheek and all that. :D
  13. Let's all chip in a quid for a lone sniper.
  14. W.T.F is going on with these people???
  15. I didn't anything this government would do would suprise me anymore.