Oh dear.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Friendly_Fire, Sep 9, 2006.

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  1. Clocked my 1.5 mile run today for the first time (preparing for medical at end of Sept).

    Better run than any to date by me (no walking, etc)... Lousy time though - 12:56.

    I knew I was fat and unfit, but didn't know it was this bad! I reckon I could shave a minute or so of the time in the next few weeks. Is more than this achievable by 30 Sept?

    Moreover, as I am only striving to be a TA medic (I am a surgeon in civvy street) and not a tooth arm, am I going to make it?

    Any ideas?

  2. I reckon if you keep runing regularly/daily for the next couple weeks you will have a decent chance of making the time. I've just started exercising to apply for the army and i too am a bit overweight and unfit. I ran a warm up 1.5mile run and timed it at 13:36 which is fairly slow but that was running and walking! I hope to be able to make a decent time within the next few weeks of practicing, so good luck to you too.
  3. There are a few occassions that spring to mind where my stupidity arrives like an epiphany. This morning was one of these times.

    When I clocked 12:56, that was the first 1.5 miles of a 2 mile run. I then (as mentioned above) realised with absolute clarity that at the test I will be timed on the last 3/4s of a 2 mile run, not the first 3/4!

    So I timed myself this way and am now even more depressed. 14:20. The only redeeming thing about my run today was it was the first time I managed to run 2 miles without walking at all.

    I know this fitness test isn't meant to be "too" difficult, but 10 years of inertia is hard to overcome. I cannot conceive of how some of you guys do this in under 9 minutes...

  4. Good man. Set those sights, nice and high. Oh wait, you're looking for a get out clause allready. :roll:

    Having recently tested a load of TA recruits on their 1.5 mile. I was shocked to find that the only person to get under the 10 and a half minutes was a bloke in his late thirties. All the others (mostly lads younger than me) were spouting "I didn't want to injure myself/ I've passed it before/I was helping my mate" type crap.

    At the end of the day, you have to work at these things. Now get out there and do some running, rather than look for excuses and reassurances from a load of people on a website.
  5. I don't think it will make the slightest bit of difference whether you're going to be a dentist or a medic... but if you can handle a little pain without anesthetic I'm sure you'll do it.
  6. Freindly Fire........ ignore Stabtiffy, your ambitions and motivation can't possibly be questioned if you are a surgeon in Civvy street.

    You are wise to ask the advice of people on the site, there are PTIs and professional civilian gym staff within the site membership who take people from being EEC butter mountains to BFT / BPFA / CFT passes etc as part of thier daily routine.

    If Stab was in a position to be testing these people we can assume he holds some sort of Physical training instructorship qualification, instead of posting negative crap he could perhaps post you some advice on how to improve fitness now you have acknowledged this is an area that needs work.
  7. I have to agree... get out there and run. You've got a goal... now go and achieve it. You'll feel better, think better, be better at your job and one day, be a far happier pensioner (if you don't actually kill yourself. :wink: ) There are a thousand good reasons for making a go of this... good luck.
  8. MDN - is this the first post you've written without refering to a sexual perversion? - worldly-wise though I am... I've recently been wincing every time your avatar pops up.
  9. As long as you show good effort they won't really get upset with you until your CMS(R)TA course. You need to show relative improvement in your times from the TAFS/selection weekends before they let you even do the Recruits course. They won't kick you out for being a little slow on the run, and even with that time you will by no means be the slowest. You have plenty of time. Make sure you have a day off now and then to aid muscle development. Also a good run time lets the pressure off with the sit ups and press ups.

    If you're a surgeon you're obviously very bright and the TA are crying out for such people. It's a best effort run, and as long as you put in 100% at all times no one gets too upset. It's only if you're an absolute numpty that they add it to the list of things to give you a hard time about.

    I think you'll have no problems - at least you care enough about your fitness to worry and try and improve it, some people don't bother and it shows.
  10. No, there are another couple in the archives

    I just get rattled with tubes, a surgeon would be a valued asset and somethign in great demand I imagine lookign at the current climate in Afgahnistan and Iraq. He came on here seekign genuine advice and the hundred yard hero dived in belittled him, when in reality he pretty much amounts to dog dirt to the power of 2 himself.
  11. Sixty

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    Have they actually said that you'll be doing the 2.4km and the medical on the same weekend? Certainly for us (RLC TA) it was medical/documents etc on the Selection Weekend and the run didn't come in to play until the combined TAFS 1 & 2.

    Appreciate that your lot may do things differently but you may have longer to work on your fitness than you think.
  12. I didn't belittle the bloke at all. Your eyesight must be getting worse now you're getting old.

    My advise was to get out there and keep running. It's the only way to improve.

    Crouching tiger is indeed correct that most places will pass you at the TAFS stages as long as you show effort and improvement. However, you will get binned if you fail the PFT on day one of your CMSR. Therefore, it's better to be able to pass before you get there, rather than just hoping to be able to cuff it on the day.
  13. FF

    Are you sure you are a surgeon in civvy street?

    Your command of the English language is appalling!

    Maybe you should attend remedial spelling in tandem with improving your fitness :wink:

    The advice is sound - just keep running!
  14. I think that's a perfectly valid point. I am not hoping they'll let me in without passing the BPFA, more that they let me past the medical without sending me away as unfit... My commissioning board won't be before Feb 07 at the earliest.

    I agree, though. I am looking for a TA commission, and to lead I believe that I need to prove to myself, my colleagues, and my men that I am acceptably fit, and didn't just get in on the back of my degrees.

  15. I read that as belittling......

    A surgeon I imagine would have been lookign for a better responce than 'Go running' I'll warrant he managed to work that out withotu the aid of a smarmy man with zits.