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Book Reviewer
I like the music mind.

* throws shapes *

* big fish, little fish, cardboard box! *

who were the bunch about 1m40 in with M16's?
I think the last slide kind of gives its origins away.....

Although the spelling got worse towards the end, he must have finished it at 0300hrs after a few tinnies...


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Book Reviewer
How much did the MoD spent on advertising production costs last year? How much did that vid cost? OK its not perfect but it delivers the message.
tropper66 said:
Music "The Gael" by Dougie MacLean from "The Last of the Mohicans"
When did dougie start doing trance or is it ambient house, I'll ask one of my kid's. Anyway were we watching the same vid.
some mong on youtube who has put together a slideshow, most likely pics of google images using key words such as: super army soldier & underwater ninja etc and with some truly strange backing tracks! :?

plus the special man spelt watching wrong!!!!!!
He spelt a bit more wrong than that. Somethimg, soilder, civialan and wacthing.

A spellchecker is so easy to use. Although, i would have thought that if anything, an ex soldier would be able to spell what he was, and what he is now !

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