Oh dear the Senior Service are furious with the Army

Discussion in 'Royal Navy' started by Abdiel, Oct 7, 2010.

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  1. Oh dear. Handbags on the quarterdeck at dawn. Senior officers in the military are getting bigger egos than politicians. The real matter to be address is, How long is the UK going to spend shed loads of money trying to be a World power?
  2. So if Dannatt gets his way, we'll be top dog at fighting blokes on donkeys for the next 2 decades but bugger all use if someone in a motor boat or microlight cuts up rough.

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    Not exactly the way to boost public confidence that the nation's best interests are the top priority. It's a shame that everyone concerned didn't keep the hissy fits private. Whether it happened or not, and if it did happen it shouldn't have done, going on about never forgiving or forgetting is a ridiculous statement to make to a journo and it's not going to help anyone. Time for some quiet despair.
  4. Completely non-attributed comments do not make good copy. This story is as good as "Some bloke down the pub says....but Dave's mate reckons....and he should know!" and probably not worth the paper it's not printed on.
  5. Don't be so harsh. They have 4x4s too. To quote someone else about Dannatt:

  6. Certainly might be some, but one would also need to look at Generals and British Army Battlions and, even more , RAF Wing Commanders, Group Captains, etc, etc...

    On another board someone said this, which certainly made me laugh: "And if it does flare up that nice Mr Richards can send some of his adaptable Pongos in Peddllos."

    In truth it is not rocket science that UK needs balanced Armed Forces, including both an Army and a Navy -including vital Carrier Air- and even an Air Force.
  7. Oh do shut up. I can't say I'm particularly proud of this country or the people in it, but like it or not, we are a world power. Removing ourselves from that position is not as simple as deciding we don't want to play any more.
  8. Biped

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    Royal Marines? That's a bit harsh!
  9. Do carry on deluding yourself.
  10. I'm still pretty proud of UK, not all of her, but of, for example, the Armed Forces. And Britain can be a pretty good place, better than most certainly. I would hate to see her sink too far down the sh.t pile.
  11. Oh goody. A two-year old Telegraph article about Defence that was as inaccurate as any you'll find in the Sun or Daily Mail. Here we go again (link): :roll:
    I make that a total of 33 officers of flag rank (admirals) and that was before your linked story; I believe the number has since been reduced. RN admirals also serve in senior NATO and other muliti-national appointments such as Deputy Commander Allied Command Transformation (ACT - formerly SACLANT) and Deputy Commander STRIKEFORNATO. The previous Operation Commander of EU NAVFOR was an RN admiral prior to his supersession by a Maj Gen RM in June.

    Give or take, the RN surface flotilla comprises 52 vessels from aircraft carriers to patrol boats, the submarine flotilla comprises 12 nuclear submarines including the deterrent, and the RFA comprises 16 logistic support ships. This makes a total of 80 grey hulls altogether. The Fleet Air Arm comprises 20 Naval Air Squadrons and then there is 3 Cdo Brigade. Although this has its share of RM senior officers, it is part of the Naval Service and comes under the Commander-in-Chief Fleet (an admiral).

    This said, I am actually in favour of trimming some 'top brass' from all three services but perhaps you should look here first:

  12. How so. UK is still about the 4th or 5th largest economy in the World and it still has the best trained armed forces in the world, including, at least for now, a Navy in the top five? Your problem is?