Oh Dear, the Hate on Sunday is at it Again

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Jun 11, 2007.

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  1. "A Labour MP has begun a libel action against a Sunday newspaper which claimed he swore at a House of Commons security guard . . . . .

    . . . . . . had twice told a newly-recruited security guard, Christopher Ham, to "f*** off" "

    The story
  2. I regard The Mail on Sunday, The Daily Mail and the Evening Standard as excellent papers.

    I also regard the MP in question as a self-important, puffed-up, noxious little prat.

    Sitting as judge and jury, I hope he is taken to the cleaners.

    I suppose the security man has lost his job.

    I wish one of the Parachute Regiment battalions would be placed on 'security' duties in Parliament and see how many of the repellent socialist 'trots' sneer, cheek and swear at some of those guys!
  3. Can't really agree with you on the newspapers.

    However the arrogance of the MP in question is just what I expect from these w@nkers. I hope the Courts tell him to shove it. :twisted:
  4. Aren't MPs supposed to be servants to the people?

    If any MP rips into somebody doing his job like that he should be trussed up against a fence in brixton and left to the locals, to remind him of his place. Maybe then he'll learn why we need people to set an example
  5. Oh thats a good one - cheered me up no end. Think I'll buy myself a cappucino :D
  6. His initial insult was directed at the guard, not just in his presence! In this day and age when everything is so PC, the MP should know better and set the example. He shoudl now recieve a vote of no confidence or be the bigger man and step down!

    Followed by the rest of the Labour Government!

  7. The MP wears a bow-tie during daylight. That should be enough to convince the jury that the man is a **** and is not trustworthy.

    Hope he is bankrupted by the trial and the Hate also screwed for costs - it is a bit like watching Tonee Bliar and Gordon "I'm not a pederast" Broon fight to the death: you want both of them to kop it.
  8. I must admit, I love a good read of the Hate, whatever day it's sold. It sets my day up. I feel anger and agression at the Government, immigrants and all other people I like to hate. Good stuff.

    The MP in question is an oaf. Sven, your statement reads as if you're defending him, surely not the case?
  9. As a man who wears bow ties on occasion at home of an evening I'll let that statement slip young man.
  10. Well there's a surprise, Lsquared and the Mail of the same mind :roll:
  11. If it had been an SNP MP I would have had the same reaction, saying 'I don't give a sh1t' is not an insult, it isn't swearing at a person.

    That the defence lawyer said "even if the MP had not used the exact words alleged . . . . . ." infers that the Mail blew up the story, making up a conversation that was worse than it was.

    As far as what the MP did - He was wrong to do so. The guard was just doing His job and was entitled to ask anyone for their identification. There are over 600 MPs in the house and to expect anyone to remember that many personalities is rather silly. Given that, the MP recognized that He did wrong and saught out the guard to apologize.
  12. No argument on that, he was doing his job. The MP is a public servant and whilst the majority of the public in this Country swear, I would rather our politicians conduct themselves with a little more decorum and less like a Prima Donna, Z list celebrity.

    He'd have been the first one to whinge had he been blown up.
  13. Considering the Mail outsells all the other papers put together, I should imagine that Lsquared's gang is a lot bigger than your spotty little one.
  14. Lol
  15. Sorry Eveyuk, but I'm with Dread on this one. Key is that you wear yours AT HOME and in the EVENING. This knob jockey is clearly cut from a different cloth to you.