Oh dear.....Student hardship pleas increase

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by spike7451, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    My heart beeds purple p1ss for the dear wee lambs...

  2. You try getting into twenty grand of debt before your even qualified.
  3. Surely the point is that they actually want to work, but that the jobs are drying up?
  4. My Niece is at Uni. She does one full day and two days at 3 hours a piece. She gets a handout of a couple of Grand every couple of months and she has a full wardrobe of designer label clothes, drives a Car and this year is having two overseas holiday's, and no, her parents aren't funding her, it's all from her Student Loans and bursary's

    So when it comes to hard luck stories about Student Debt, I couldn't give a fecking shitt.
  5. what a ****, due to complications with my student loan i didnt receive a penny for the year until about 2 weeks ago, i had to live off my own savings that i had earned through work and was hoping to put into a car and some other productive fun stuff and instead spend it on 6 months worth of tuna, pasta and tomato soup. it was grim as **** and i went out twice, got drunk less than 10 times in that period, did all my work, i had to apply for a hardship fund at one point because i was eating out of date bread and had no liquid other than water... but obviously im just a workshy money drain. i applied for pretty much every job in leeds and got a few interviews but due to the fact i was ill, malnourished and didnt have a suit i was pretty much screwed even though im pretty good at them, cry me a river! ive now got my money (or should i say your money) and have spent half of it on fancy clothes and beer, live the dream.

    i understand ribbing some of the bellends you get at university but branding us all workshy lazy wasters is rubbish, get a grip
  7. Simple if you finish University and actually get a job that you trained for, then you only pay 50% of your loan back.
    If you finish University and then sit on your ass drawing Job seekers then pay the lot
  8. Oh right, so if people doing a philosophy degree get a job in phil... oh shit, that doesnt work now... ok but surely people with art degrees can get a job in art right.... maybe not....

    the fact is that most graduates don't get a job in the field of their qualification. Besides if you had a rule that that, who would ever join the forces as it would be a £10k handicap that some of your peers may not have.
  9. What a load of bollox that post is... a couple of grand every 2 months? Whatever... :roll: I think you'll find its in the region of four and a half per year!

    Having been a student back in the nineties, I can fully appreciate the "sob stories" and hardships some students will be going through. If you are from a working class family who can't afford to give you any money while you are studying you are fecked at uni. Don't forget you still pay rent, buy food, pay for your fecking books (which on their own cost a small fortune). The recession will be hitting some students harder than others.

    At the end of the day, we are going to get the rich kids, with their rich parents, doing the degrees. And the rest of us just have to stick to maybe getting some a-levels and then working shite jobs to get by!

    Nice one heard_it_all_before.....
  10. Ok a job relevant to your Degree, is that better, how many students finish four years of a Bulls**t degree and then sit on there ass complaining there isnt any jobs for a (insert crap degree)

    What happened to students working to pay for there tuition???
  11. Missing the point somewhat... A degree is a degree, a demonstration of one's ability to research, study and collate information off your own back, and to come up with original thoughts and ideas. Even more so in Humanities (ie art, philosophy etc). It can be argued that there are too many "micky mouse" degrees out there. But I can assure you that even something like Media Studies is no walk in the park, that being one of the easier degrees out there.
  12. Me thinks it may be you who has missed the point... read it again now.... im saying that to give people some kind of benefit for choosing a job related to their degree is pointless.
  13. The jobs went away. Students left their job at Woolworths, or Zavvi or USC etc and when they come back it's gone and casual work is harder to come across.

    This might be a good time to start publicising DTUS more; with quite a few scientists looking at three, four or five years of debt for their degree, a few years in the forces in return for an ample bursary and shedloads of AT might be quite inviting.
  14. My wife is studying at the moment, We pay for it ourselves, this is also whilst she holds down a part time job and looks after our son?
    How hard can it be???
  15. Studying what and where.