Oh dear Sergey!

Then if they're that unreliable why the need for a missile shield?
Andy, indeed I suppose that there are serious problems with Bulava missiles.


October 25 (Itar-Tass) -- A sea-launched Bulava ballistic missile was self-destroyed several minutes after the launch due to a deviation from the preset trajectory, the Navy press service told Itar-Tass on Wednesday.
The fifth launch of a Bulava missile from underwater by the nuclear submarine Dmitry Donskoi of the Russian Northern Fleet on September 7 was unsuccessful. The missile deviated from the preset trajectory and fell into the sea. The four previous tests of Bulava were successful.
So the current score is 4:2. I agree it is not good enough. Though Russia has a rich experience with missiles. Personally I suspect that that the disign of Bulava was initially poor. So it is possible the the whole project could be shelved. It is not a tragedy, because our American friends (moreover other countries) hasn't plans to attack Russia and we have time to develop new missile systems or to correct Bulava project.

Moreover, Russia has (though designed in the Soviet times) reliable submarine based missiles.


Russia successfully test-launched an intercontinental ballistic missile from a nuclear-powered submarine from the area of the North Pole, The Associated Press reported Sunday citing the country’s defense minister. The nuclear submarine K-84 launched the missile Saturday, and all three test warheads hit their target
AndyPipkin said:

If you can't make your rockets work, you really shouldn't be allowed to have them. And as for trying to launch one from your unltra-reliable submarines, that's just silly!

I think we can all agree, America's missile shield will have no problem dealing with Russia's so-called 'strategic rocket forces'. :twisted:

Hope you like McDonald's, Sergey!
To be fair, Andy, the NMD systems couldn't hit a cow with a barn door and you or I, sat on the back porch with a .177 air rifle would be just as effective at protecting CONUS from ballistic missiles.
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