Oh dear, Police IT bans naughty words....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Boumer, May 8, 2012.

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  1. Police IT department bans word 'blacklist' in case it is deemed racist - Telegraph

    For once, perhaps even the "special" Police Federation has got it right (not often I say that).

    Sayeth the sharp tools at the Fed:
    Hmmmm, there's a joke there somewhere.

    Does anyone in the private sector have tools like the Met IT dept, or is it just a government thing?
  2. Our IT dept are tools, is that what you meant?

    As for funny coloured lists, how more camp can you get than beige and pink lists?
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  3. PC gone PC mad.
  4. am i allowed to name my t-shirts by colour or will i get arrested?
    shopping for paints in homebase should be fun soon
  5. Is this serious? Or black humour?
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  6. A black day for common sense.
  7. Shush. no one will notice
  8. The Freemasons are going to have a riot with this one...
  9. That's me fucked then.
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  10. Can I still wear my "Gibsons dog" brown boots?
  11. No. You'll have to chuck them out or start calling them "non reflective" boots.
  12. What about blackballed?
  13. Banned also but at least curable nowadays
  14. I think that this is political blackmail.
  15. Send him to The Tower, he mentioned the 'B' word!