Oh dear, Police IT bans naughty words....

Police IT department bans word 'blacklist' in case it is deemed racist - Telegraph

For once, perhaps even the "special" Police Federation has got it right (not often I say that).

Security services chief Brian Douglas wrote in an email: "Information Board are uncomfortable with the use of the term Whitelist (and I presume Blacklist).

"I am sure we can appreciate the sensitivity around the use of such terminology today so please ensure it is no longer used."
Sayeth the sharp tools at the Fed:
The Police Federation has condemned the move as a 'waste of time' and 'an irrelevance'
Hmmmm, there's a joke there somewhere.

Does anyone in the private sector have tools like the Met IT dept, or is it just a government thing?
am i allowed to name my t-shirts by colour or will i get arrested?
shopping for paints in homebase should be fun soon
I have a friend who trained to be a copper. On getting their post they were all given a book/large pamphlet type thing which listed all the words which they aren't allowed to use.
The one that irked him most is they can't ask for "Black" tea or coffee, it has to be tea/coffee "without milk"
He had the pamphlet framed and it still hangs on his wall to this day. There are some other corkers in there but I can't really remember any more.
Is this serious? Or black humour?
Oh jesus, Don't start that!

You should have seen the problems about the Scotland Yard museum.

It was known to everyone as "The Black Museum" until some young PC wrote a "No-Wah" letter saying this was racist and blah blah blah.

Now it is called The Crime Museum, and woe betide anyone who uses the old name.

Bet the police Canteen is a fun place if Captain Scarlet is on the TV.
So what about National Black Police Association?

Change it to National Red Police Association, or keep it as National Black Police Association but use red text?

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