Oh dear Oh dear Oh dear

Maybe he was busy rolling around in his settlement cash....

Probably controversial but I'm an ill-educated ****

Do the Spams get a good payout if they get mullered? We've all heard the story of the U.S. burglar who sued his victim cos he fell and landed on one of the house-owners knives.
What a QM he must have found Back in the USA.
I was under the immpression that in UK forces, equipment lost on active service was written off, post Zulu wars battle of Isandawal.
It happened to a mate of mine in 1991.

Havent seen him since 1996, but if I remember correctly his packet came under attack, his vehicle commander was killed and he got covered in gore. His webbing was burnt as a biological hazard. Got back to BAOR and the SQMS tried billing him for the missing webbing. I seem to recall it was the same action where the 2 REME were also killed trying to defend them (LCpl, SSgt).

He was never right in the head after that, and PVR'd shortly after.
Dogface said:
Gay_Blade said:
Why didn't he : A) have one bucksheesh B) bribe a storeman C) steal one ?

No initative.
He should have just refused to pay, stated the loss was due to neither negilgenece nor willful misconduct, written a sworn statement regarding the circumstances of loss, and been done with it.
According to the story:
He was told to pay nearly $700 or face not being discharged for weeks, perhaps months.

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