Oh dear Larence of Suburbia

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by BounceBanana, Jan 9, 2013.

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  1. Stephen Lawrence's brother sues Met over race discrimination - Telegraph

    Must offer his solicitors an example of a white man for the court to draw comparison.

    Justin True who told astonished magistrates in Margate how he had been stopped and issued about 80 HORT1 producers per year for 15 years.

    During that 15 years the occasions Crown Court judges dismissed charges and bollocked Kent plod in open court for allegedly conspiring with criminals to bring malicious charges.

    For what ? His father being the landowner who defied Kent Police to get their favourite gun play range closed down in 1995.

    I think currently a Judge may be meeting barrister(s) in chambers after the latest attempt to charge this young man by Kent Police.

    But getting a report in media or a pressure group to involve. No chance he's white ?
  2. Wibble wibble banana fish send key setting my old mans a dustman
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  3. BB

    Seek some help, preferably from Messers Webley.
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  4. Send key setting K.
  5. Come on, chaps. If this is played correctly we could see BounceBanana's public, tear filled suicide by March or maybe April.
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  6. Oh goody. BB has found an excuse to mention Kent plod.

    The sooner he falls asleep and his chip pan burns his bedsit down the better.
  7. I thought that this would be a thread worth reading. Feckenwrong. BB - do one, a=or at least come up with something that has value to back up a story that may have legs. Legs- stand down...
  8. If he's getting stopped in his car all the time, is he a shit driver who keeps attracting police attention rather than it being anything to do with his colour?
  9. After being stoped 25 times i'd love to hear the met lawyers explain this one away :(.
    Not charged with anything.
    You'd like to think the local inspector would go its " stephen lawerences brother for christs sake unless he's waving an uzi about just no "
    FFS squaddies managed to restrain from giving gerry and martin a well deserved slap and the met get paid double its not rocket science.

    Obviously pc savage needs transferring to the TSG:)
  10. Well obviously you can understand the opening post.
    Probably reads like the most coherent of prose compared to the stuff you come out with most of the time :)
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  11. It is cos 'e is blak or is it because he looks like a dodgy ****** / drug dealer..?
  12. What can i say the drugs dont work :)
  13. Who is this Larence?
  14. Well in BananaFuckwits case they certainly don't, either that or they need to up the dose.
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  15. Are you Justin True BB? Is this the reason for your continuing campaign against Kent police?