oh dear I seem to have broke my leg!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by Dodgy_Dodge, Dec 30, 2009.

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  1. Chaps,

    Hoping for some info, I was due to undertake briefing on 18th/19th Jan. However, whilst snow boarding I managed to break my fibular (last run on 1st day!) and am now in a cast for 6 weeks. GUTTED

    I know that when filling out the forms a broken limb was a big issue and you couldn't apply for 12 months. Will I now have to delay the whole procedure until next Jan?

    I ask as i am 24 and time is ticking so to speak. Also I have a good professional job but wanted a career change, 18-24 months including app process, may be a bit too long to hold out.

    I will be ringing my Army Career Advisor next Monday and also Westbury but hope to get some advice in the mean time.

  2. Check with Westbury, it may be you can't attend MB for 12 months, or you can't start RMAS for 12. I do not know.

    Sponsor if applicable may also be able help.

    Bad luck mate.
  3. I'll be 27 in Feb and my second attempt at main board in April. I started the application process just before my 25th birthday.
    Never too long for something that you want.
  4. Given the amount of lads that are coming on to ArRSe with similar such stories, is not time for the recruitment side to start warning lads going for selection/basic or MB/RMAS to sort of, desist in doing sports that may incur injury?

    It is, however, I would think a risk of the sort of lads we attract and want... the adventurous type.
  5. I can't see that you have too much to worry about. I snapped my arm in half, courtesy of the Para reg insight course, a month before my intended MB. I just called Westbury to let them know and they moved my MB back to allow time for healing - no mention of 12 month delays.
    Likewise my ACA didn't mention any delays beyond the obvious recovery time. A word of caution though, give yourself plenty of breathing room between when you expect the leg to have healed and any new MB dates. You'll be surprised how much muscle wastage occurs in 6 weeks, and range of motion will suffer.

    It's a pain in the arrse I know, but you've still plenty of time. Best of luck for a speedy recovery and AOSB when you get there.
  6. I broke my arm playing American Football a month before I was due to start basic, had already been to Sutton Coldfield for the 3 days of tests and interviews; all I had to do was to regularly visit the doctor connected with the Careers Office in Plymouth who would check on any updates after my arm came out of the cast, as soon as he was happy the arm was strong enough I was given a joining date, which was Approx: 6 months or so after I was originally meant to be at Basic.

    Hopefully this is what you will do, depending on Careers Office and MO will dictate if you will need to do any of the gym tests or BFT (or whatever they call it now!) again.

    Good Luck, if anything you will find the bone stronger than before you broke it. 8O
  7. cheers lads, good stuff.

    will give them a bell and see how it pans out. Good tip about the additional training time to build up leg strength.
  8. Chaps,

    Spoke to the lady at Westbury and the answer to my question is:

    Once the cast comes off and my fitness has returned....circa 4-6 weeks after cast removed I can attend ASOB.

    3 months delay not bad, will be able to bash the current affairs and MAP practice tests.

    cheers for the advice and hope this tread is of use to other guys who are in similar situations.
  9. 8) oh well have a break have a kit-kat :wink:
    SIW :twisted: