Oh dear how sad too bad, never mind

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by old_n_fat, May 30, 2009.

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  1. Tragic
    I hope the cnut tops himself. Slowly and painfully. In public. With piano wire self tightened with a pair of nail clippers. Perhaps whilst flaying himself alive to make it more worthy of being televised live.
    Did I mention I hope the slimy, treasonous b@stard burns in hell for his actions?
  2. I hate it when people sit on the fence.
    Hopefully this will be the political death senetence the one eyed, snot gobbling, murdering (starving the MOD of funds) so richly deserves.
  3. Sorry :oops:
    And I'm a Liberal too, I would pay good money to watch that piece of crap kill himself.
  4. no,no. 99years with out parole! A long time to reflect upon the damage he and party have inflicted on the country,as an added torment, put the blairs in the same cell
  5. The link took over 30 seconds to load, so I binned it. Can someone paraphrase?
  6. I forgot to add ,throw Ashie in as well.
  7. dont know why it was slow for you, it isnt for me. However basically a hideously bad poll for Brown which is likely to see him knifed in the back following the euro elections.
  8. Aye, no dramas. The jist of the article was "Brown is gonna get dry humped every which way" !!!
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)


    It is a rather overextended blurb essentially saying:

    New pre election poll drama.

    40% Cons
    25% Lib
    22% Lab

    Meaning Labour is screwed and GB resembles a part of the female anatomy.
  10. Command_doh

    Command_doh LE Book Reviewer

    Which has been comprehensively fcuked for a number of years, only being hidden by a now utterly destroyed spin machine.
  11. Brilliant Summary Grem. :D

    Where is Ashie to reassure the faithful that all is well and that opinion polls are just a point in time, etc?

    This really is going from bad to worse for Brown. Lest not we forget our Trade Minister, who's not really sure how to engage with the beneficial owners of GM (Europe). I would wager that within the next three months, on The Wirral and in Luton, there will be many more who desert the Labour vote?

    Oh, and if there are tickets going Jagman - then put 'em up on here first!

  12. My bold, Perhaps Mr Spour will be called in for said dry humping! 8O
  13. God I feel dirty for saying this but I really do hope that Labour don't get relegated to third place behind the Liberal Democrats and that Brown isn't challenged for the leadersip of the Labour Party. The main reason being that at the moment Gordon Brown is probably the Opposition's greatest electoral weapon. If they were to dump him for someone more effective (and let's be honest that's pretty much anyone right about now) and replace him with say Alan Milburn then they might actually start getting their act together between now and next year's general election, sure they'd still lose but they wouldn't be as absolutely crushed as if they'd had Brown in charge all the way up to it.
  14. Hey County, leave Ashie alone. He's my new best mate.Complimented me on being a "fcking Nazi arrsehole" the other day. Don't you just love him, he's begining to mellow with age.