Oh dear, Gordons thought up another new tax for us to pay

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by mnairb, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. Levy on phone lines to fund universal broadband

    'Speaking to MPs in the House of Commons, Mr Bradshaw, the Culture Secretary, confirmed that the small levy would establish an independent national fund to ensure “maximum next generation broadband coverage”.

    The report proposed a 50p-a-month levy on all fixed telephone lines to help bring next-generation broadband to the whole country.

    This money would go to an independent Next Generation Fund that would provide subsidies for operators to deliver super-fast internet to areas where it would not normally be commercially viable.'

    We know what will happen with the 'small levy' - once it has been established for a while, it will double, then double again (conveniently hidden in our bills).

    And what will it fund? Certainly not 'universal broadband' - it will fund a number of committees and Quangos stuffed with Gordon's mates and New Liarbour cronies.
  2. And for “areas not commercially viable” read “areas full of Labour voting tossers who never pay their bills”

    Also I presume that MPs will be able to claim this levy on expenses, at all their homes.
  3. and no doubt they will want to implement some costly system with which to further monitor and control our actions online.
    ...I really hope I haven't just given them a new idea.
  4. Is anyone, is anybody, is your cat, is your bloody wheely-bin surprised?

    Has the despicable ogre 'Stalin' done anything other than wet-dream up new taxes?

    Taxing is what so-called 'Labour' does best; it is the only thing it does, except overspend the tax-payers' money.
  5. Always getting screwed over!!
  6. If I'm going to have to pay extra, I demand 50Mb/min at least, so I can download my...errrr...research material.
  7. So lets get this straight.

    They [The Government], are going to make us pay an extra £6 per year so that a Limited Company can upgrade the Broadband/Telephone lines so that the same company that we've all given money to can then charge us a premium for using the same lines that we've already paid for..?

    It's no wonder that Labour Isn't Working..
  8. I seem to remember being "taxed" to bail out the banks,now I'm going to be taxed to pay for non commercially viable broadband,and through my T.V.licence also bail out commercial T.V. and radio,I reckon it's time that idiot Broon and his gang went for a long walk through the poppy fields !
  9. Brilliant bit of poetry there, best laugh I've had all day. Mind if that goes in my sig?

    And on topic- yet another stealth tax. This is the sort of thing that we already pay quite enough money for, yet somehow nothing ever seems to get fixed. It's not a hard thing to do, delivering fast internet to all, and it is most definitely something that everybody will want in the future- 72% of people currently use the internet, and anything under 2mbps is fast becoming a joke (trust me, I have to live with 512, BBC site barely works, iPlayer a no-go). It will have to be done at some point in the future, so why not do it sooner rather than later?

    One other thing in this bit of news is the new tougher sanctions against filesharers. Whilst it's a shame the government have budged to the lies spewed by the music industry, at least they haven't decided that ISPs can simply cut people off for filesharing, legal or otherwise.
    The music industry are predictably moaning, saw a spokesman on BBC claiming that $2bn (may have been $200 mil, not entirely sure) is lost through filesharing each year. Of course, they always fail to recognise the fact that if we had to pay them for music (not the artists, very little of it goes to artists) then we wouldn't buy it.

    (brace for flame from righteous arrsers who think filesharing is stealing)
  10. So all those years where BT made billions in profit didn't go on future proofing their infrastructure, so now that they can't compete with new broadband speeds the government have come up with a great idea to allow them to get the money to bring the network up to date, and of course the additional profits through more broadband costs will be a nice little bonus for the shareholders and board members.
  11. On the news they said the PM justified this because phone bills had dropped in recent times. Right so we are in a recession and he decided to tax us a bit more, to get a 1/3rd of the population super-speed internet because it isnt financially viable for the company's to do it.

    Now correct me if im wrong this 1/3rd would be rural areas were it would cost to put all the piping in. If you can afford a mortgage in a rural area these days, you can pay for the super-speed internet your damn self :x
  12. My pay cheque? Why thank you so much!!! Here you are, Gordon, take what you want I can live on bread and water. What a bunch of cnuts!!!!!
  13. Im on NTL ,cant i tell them to shuff the phone line bit up there arrse ,and not pay this tax :?
  14. Paxo on Newsnight is taking the urine out of the New Labour idiot who thought this lunacy up, another house of Lords labour *********
  15. Its a similar creation of non jobs, like housing information packs, or bumping up the TV licence to provide channels that 95% of people have no interest in.
    If you want super fast broadband let the telecom companies pay for it and pass on the costs to those who want it.