Oh dear God no!

God I wish someone would shoot that ugly, deformed, annying bitch and save us all.
I'm not much into celebrity spotting but WTF is that?

The only reason I would go down on that is to eat the rather appetising food it's stood on :oops:
Shes complete filth, what with the “please poo in this Tupperware box so I can sniff it” (purely in the name of science) section of her program.
I don't know whether to bleach my eyes or sandblast them now.
Well, yes to all the above, but then....would you?, I might Just be tempted, might just be!!!
Only if she let me kick her backdoors in? The we can examine her poo!
If she's the poster girl for healthy living, mines an 18 inch deep pan with doner meat and pork scratching on top. She's got the same 'swede to body' ration as a Corinthian figure.

In the words of Steve Jones 'What a fackin' rotter'
The Emperor says "Yes, you will, she will be even more beautiful in the morning"

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