Oh dear, dont take the p**s

Discussion in 'REME' started by Easymeister, Oct 19, 2005.

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  1. AN Army search was under way last night after a soldier lost his gun — an SA80 assault rifle.
    The Sergeant Major had been using the weapon, which fires 700 rounds a minute, during an exercise in the Brecon Beacons.

    Military chiefs suspended the exercise and ordered all 900 troops to search for the 5.56mm automatic rifle which was loaded with 20 rounds of blanks.

    But despite a 12-hour hillside hunt the rifle has still not been found.

    The missing gun belonged to an Artificer Sergeant Major in charge of a 90-strong group of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers.

    They were taking part in an exercise with the 14th Signals Regiment based at Sennybridge, Powys, mid-Wales.

    An insider said: “The ASM handed the rifle to one of his juniors at a temporary command post while he went off to do some admin.

    “When he got back the command post had moved and he couldn’t find his weapon.”

    The Special Investigation Branch of the Royal Military Police have now been called in. Civilian cops from the surrounding area of Dyfed Powys have also been alerted.

    A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defence said: “We take all losses of weapons very seriously.”

    How much trouble??
  2. Was the MoD spokewoman an Int Corps Captain per chance?
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  3. She has probably been promoted already !!
  4. Reminds me of when QRIH took on Challenger in late Nov 86. Someone left an SMG on the side of the tank and they drove out onto the training area. Whenb it was reported missing the whole squadron had to spend 3 nights outside with temps at -12 and no crew heaters cost they kept blowing bulbs. The tank in question was the 2nd one out and 10 others followed plus fitter section. Never was found.
  5. I wonder if he's answering his phone????????????????? surely no one will take the pish!!!!!!!!!
  6. Wonder if this'll affect his commissioning chances...

    ....Not if he applies to the Int Corps!!! BA-BOOM!
  7. Im sorry but this bloke is a buffoon, since when did you disappear to do admin and not take your weapon. What sort of admin was he doing anyway , possibly loking for a Sainsburies perhaps and when did you ever leave your weapon with a JNCO.This WO needs to get on ops pronto and then hell appreciate that your weapon never ever leaves your side.

    If its the same bloke, I do believe he is on the ASB but may be removed. However, another individual who dropped a major clanger on OP TELIC 1 on a biblical scale (and we shall keep it at that) has still gone forward to the ASB, so there perhaps is hope for this clown.
  8. Maybe same sort of admin as the guy supposed to be watching block of flats from which Brazilian emerged?
  9. Thats the ASM passing the blame then. I hope it is him that gets bo!!ocked and not the poor sod that illegidely was watching it. It really p!sses me off when seniors do that. Take some resonsibility!
  10. well said gado
  11. Yes, well said gado, well "illegidely" they should take some "resonsibility" and mabye yuo cyould take sum spelliny lesons wile ure at it!
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  12. Not been found yet then? pound to a penny someone knows exactly where it is.
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  13. The last time my unit lost a wepaon, we told a group of Jocks there was a penny taped to the butt of the rifle. Damn thing turned up 15 minutes later. True story.
  14. Right, so my post means fcuk all cause i got the spelling wrong? & you're perfect all the time are you? I'll be watching & waiting! Greenhouses & stones!
  15. Oh, she's upest now.
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