Oh dear Bertie.......

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by the_matelot, Sep 26, 2006.

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  1. Matelot,

    You should read a book called " Trials & Tribunalations"

    It's hilarious. All about the Flood/Mahon & Moriarty (No connection!) Tribunals in Ireland. I was in tears of laughter reading it on the plane back From Kerry!.
  2. 'Banana Republics r us'... :roll:
  3. Not so much a Banana Republic, all this kicked off before Bertie was Tioseach, it started with the infamous Charlie Haughey.

    In 1997 Bertie, having been up every tree in County Dublin looking for other TD's shenanigans, established a Tribunal to investgate matters relating to land development. The same Tribunal came back to bite him on the arrse!!
  4. M_M,

    I'll have a lookout for that book.

    Ah Charlie boy-now he was a chancer if there ever was one!
  5. Same skin, different stench...
  6. Read my updated post!
  7. If you want, PM me an addy and I'll post it to you. Ive finished reading it.
  8. Ah the Irish, luv um do we not.

  9. Ha it started way at the beginning, sure the Republics founding father used Irish American and Irish tax payers money to found a family dynasty in the newspaper business :D
  10. Ah, but St Charlie did great things for the people of Longford........ well, those who voted for him anyway.