Oh dear. Another C*ck up at Number 10...

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archimedes, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. You'd think that if you had a cunning master plan to reduce the Tories' popularity by some carefully aimed (and seemingly untrue) smears you'd at least try to make sure that you didn't mail them to the Guido Fawkes blog in case he tried to use it as a means of biting you (and making some money from the press). But no, apparently not....

    Row as No 10 e-mails smear Tories - Torygraph
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  4. Deserting - no. Being thrown overboard - absolutely.
  5. Biped

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    Damian McBride is a cnut.

    Here's the story on Sky:

    So, Guido Fawlkes is absolutely correct in his assertion that the Telegraph piece is another bit of spin by McBride using a tame reporter at that paper to make it look like an 'unknown source', rather than the wnaker himself.

    The Telegraph has just plummeted in my estimation.

    Can anyone recommend a half decent paper?
  6. maguire

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    The Guardian.

    * runs *
  7. So, a series of emails involving the setting up of a "deniable site" to smear leading opposition MP's by way of accusations of sexual infidelities, medical / health issues and the involvement of family members. The Telegraph appears to have been an easy plant for the counter story.

    This has the potential to run and run, as the detailed emails drip out over the next few days. As for the newsprint reporting - bear in mind that many journalists also appear to have been mentioned in the same emails - freedom of the press may make for an amusing week.

    Can I be the first to predict that the miriad of back-up systems, SFT hardware and software will once again be found to fail. If the rumours of a concerted plan to smear was devised by one of Gordon Brown's trusted special advisors from within the walls of 10 Downing Street, then standby for denials from the PM himself, distancing (usual pleading of ignorance) just about everybody from Damian McBride's actions.

    Can we expect Knacker of the yard to be called in to investigate?

    Must be time for a crucifixion in Downing Street.
  8. Biped

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    Funny you mentioned that:

    Here's the strenuous denials in the Telegraph, with Brown's denial of all knowledge and a mention of security breaches and possible police involvement.

    Notice also that the Telegraph reporter has 'no idea where the email came from'!?!??
  9. Quite Biped - the bipartisan observer would probably be asking questions as to just how Gordon Brown runs his inner circle? If his lck of control over internal communications / campaigns is so poor, then is it a fair assumption to consider that McBride's time as a Special Advisor is about to come to a soggy end?

    As Guido states, this is a long way beyond a spat between two bloggers.

    Interestingly, the government's own recently introduced legislation regarding IP/Sec logging will ensure a very easy audit trail, so the Telegraph's soft target hack will also start to feel the heat.

    Can't help thinking that Jackie Smith must be relieved though!
  10. Oh God, we are going to have to endure yet another day filled with Ashie screaming 'the Tories, the Tories" and "Thatcher politicised the civil service". Couple that with sarcastic statements along the lines of "Yeah, a civil servant sends a personal e-mail with a flippant comment on it - of course Gordon Brown would get a copy! Would all of you send some of your puerile posts about coups and burning ministers to your boss and then have them published as evidence of your true beliefs?". See, I could be Ashie - formulaic, defensive, blustering and completely lacking in anything other than empty rhetoric.

    P.S We should burn a few Ministers and hold a coup.
  11. Maybe Ashie is concentrating his efforts (empty rhetoric) elsewhere today?
  12. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Maybe Ashie is defending himself to the PM after a furious bout of deleting emails and logs . . .
  13. maguire

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  14. NL lived through worse avoiding investigations and crucifixions...