Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by blessed baby cakes, Jan 9, 2004.

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  1. Loved this idea......

    You get to write and obituary for any individual, living or dead, personally known to you or not, and slate them....

    No bars held....
  2. Here lies GunnersQuadrant.......a very dull man.
  3. Here lies GunnersQuadrant.................hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!
  4. Here lies GunnersQuadrant.............naked and with several small children.
  5. Here lies BB ..... at last.
  6. Here lies Blondebint. Murdered by the stranger she gave her address to over the internet who claimed to be a soldier, but who was in fact, a sexual predator of women newly released from prison, were he learnt how to use a computer to access the internet whilst serving a 12 year sentance for the manslaughter of a woman he met in a pub. May she rest in peace?
  7. Here lies Flash....on top of BB.
  8. Here lies MDN its time to grieve
    A hampton so big it was hard to believe
    The ladies all prayed that they'd lay him in state
    So on his dead bones they would climb and gyrate


    In this box lays a gay Ginger Brummie
    On top of his dad but under his mummy
    Incests the game in the ORG clan
    because sat on his face is his old baggy gran
  9. PMSL!!!!


    Have you ever thought of a career in this line?
    I could see the circulation sales in the Times going up by a few 100%!

    I'd love to hear a eulogy!

    I'm ALMOST tempted to ask you to do me,
    But it would be too nasty....

    Do the gang of 4......
  10. BBC was a great big girl
    She never shaved, had a bushy squirl
    Whaenever she walked, her thighs made sounds
    Was 1810 her weight in pounds?

    She wanted Corporal, there is no doubt
    He told her no, and so she would pout.
    She needed some hampton, not later but soon
    So she spent nights, noshing Jeff Hoon.
  11. Here lies the body of the rogue mod Flash
    Wants to be buried with his Gay porn stash
    Amassed quite a collection over the years
    rest in peace flash you were fond of them queers


    BBC visited Arrse one day
    on the quest for men for to lay
    To Gunny she said 'Got any Johnnies on yer'
    fire damaged head like Eastenders Sonia
    Desperate for a jump he climbed aboard
    Pumped to death this buxom broad


    Here lies the body of Blondebint
    we are all chuffed to fu** :D :D
  12. Minister I take offence to none of the above except the Hoon the Loon bit.... kindly re-cant!
  13. Lippy, old trout, is gone from us all
    They had her spit roasted at the crem near Walsall
    Surfed through life as a trout, in wealth,
    But its done her no good
    In that urn on the shelf
    Some named her mononork
    They were just smitten
    R.I.P. Lippy, you saggy old mitten

    Last edited by MDN 16 edits in total....
  14. Lippy Lippy you disabled old slapper
    Layed in her box looking all dapper
    died in her sleep and laid out to rest
    a singular tit in the middle of her chest
  15. Here lies the Minister all covered in goo,
    He looks damn fine now all covered in poo.