Oh Ah Cantona

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sallyanne09, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. La Presidente!!

    That'll be right for a kissballer.

  2. Bugger! It was 50/50 and I got it wrong!
  3. No, you were spot on. :)

  4. Eric Cantona as Monsieur le Président ?
    Oh la la la
    Now all he needs is Zizou as his deputy and I'm off to live (and drool) en France
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  5. Le Président.

    George Weah tried it in Liberia. Not sure what other footballer-turned-politican precedents exist.

    So: which Premier League footballer would arrsers like to see in Downing Street? Gazza or Rooney might be good entertainment, though one or two of the managers might make a better job. Sir Alex anyone?
  6. Gazza or Rooney? Nah ... what about these candidates?

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  7. Nah, Joey Barton....he would go down a storm in diplomatic circles.
  8. I reckon she's got more balls than most prem league stars at the moment.

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  9. Well he already has one necessary attribute ... clear talking ... remember the " Seagull " comment to the Press some years ago ... Hi Hi .
  10. Seem to remember Cantona liked spouting pretentious bollocks at press conferences, so plenty of transferrable skills.
  11. Already have visions of him taking out Cameron with a well timed high kick to the chest.
  12. Can't be any worse than the poisonous dwarf they have in charge at the moment.
  13. M. le Premiere Cameron! Vous may use your veto against us having the fraternite with our Allemagne brothers, but, one day, the seagulls will see the scraps of boullabaisse left in the bowl and will, 'ow you say, pick at the leavings. Until zen, we blow snot in your general direccion and 'ope your race of little Eengleesh shopkeepers keep your rosbif, steenky Marmite and 'ard Cheddar fromage to yourselves. And, non, we weel not buy your lamb. Ze raison primer zat I want be le President iz zat Carla comes wiz ze deal.

  14. Zizou 2006 - Video