OH Advice for PAP 10 Assessment

Was wondering if anybody could help with OH advice following PAP 10 being issued and direction from on high that Units should start enforcing it.

Q1 - Is JSP 346 and gradings for specific medical conditions going to be re-written to reflect the new P2-8 defintions contained within PAP 10? When I was first boarded a number of years ago, the condition attracted a HONNI caveat, obvioulsy this no longer exists. My MO (not Army) has taken this to mean MNFD under PAP 10 and therefore I am below the minimum retention standards for the Army

Q2 - Is there any restriction on Insulin dependant diabetics and use of live weapons as this is going to have an effect on whetehr I can meet the minimum levels for P7 as I can't find it laid down anywhere? . I accept there are potential issues with hypos and the potential for ND's etc with Insulin dependancy. References would be really helpful as this will help to prepare me for my re-boarding to determine whether P7 (able to attempt an APWT) or P8 (unable) and whether I can soldier on or are to be medically discharged.

Greatful for all the help/advice offered. I am aware of the process which will be followed officially, I am simply trying to get my ducks in a row and start making preperations
The PES 'P' gradings system has changed C_G; the new system is the JMES, its a tri-service grading system. You need to get a copy and have a read.

Have you had a formal OH assessment? Your Doctor does not carry this out it is done by the OH team (APHCS) in your Div.
To help your case, you need to prove you're an asset. You need to prove yourself as a soldier and show that being diabetic doesn't stop you doing all things military.

I know of someone who is a diabetic soldier and has been graded MLD by Occ Health. This person takes part in all sub unit and Regt'l PT, completes all MATTS and deploys on Exercises.

Hope this helps.
i am diabetic in the army and my medical grading is MND and i have now got three months till my discharge

so someone explain why its good for one person but not another
When and where did you have your board by Occ Health. Are you being discharged as a CO's recommendation? Once PAP 10 came into effect, CO's could look to discharge all permanently non deployable soldiers. If you've been permanently downgraded as non deployable, this is possibly what's happening to you? PM me if you want more info.

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