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Discussion in 'ACF' started by Lepus, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. In a show of leading by example, when the Cadets move into shirt sleeves again, im going to crack out my OG Shirt for a few weeks.

    What are the correct rank badges, ive been led to believe that it should be those small white Chevrons, but others have said I can use normal ranks?


  2. in the regs it depends on your unit, for years I wore "pillow slip" tapes, but hen one RSM turned up and all of a sudden we had to use No 2 tapes

    Oh BTW you shouldn't really wear Shirt Sleeve on a week night as after 6pm it should be JHW
  3. As far as the 6pm rule is concerned, my Badge tells us different mate, and Im not about to argue. He may only be ACF but he's still my boss.

    Cheers for the quick reply though.

    Any other answers?
  4. Brassard with chevrons, ACF titles on shoulders

    After 6pm, I thought local conditions rule came into play.

    Our CO wears shirt sleeve in December
  5. Shirt sleeves after 6 seems the norm for the "part-timers" (sorry not trying to be offensive, just a statement of fact) probably becuase nless they are on weekend camp ypu will never get to wear the dress. Not sure why you would want to as its easier to simply press a jumper
  6. This is true. As said unless you were away on a weekend camp there would be no need to change dress. At least thats the general point in my county. Although sometimes I wish this wasnt the case. The cadets turn up in og shirts nicely pressed (new type) sit down or even stand in a different position for 30 seconds and then turn into something that resembles a screwed up crisp packet.
    Basically gives a chance to wear something other than Jersey HW. Unless your lucky and have them kitted out in CS95
  7. So.....Number 2 Stripes (I have) or the pillow slip things (I can acquire, given time)
  8. The old '18.00' rule stems from colonial days when it was necessary to cover up exposed skin during the evening as protection against insect bites (I'm sure there are many members here who could tell of similar situations now).

    I have my cadets parading in shirt sleeve order simply because, if we didn't, they'd never wear it except on weekend camps and public occasions and we'd never get the chance to check that everything is pressed, etc. properly otherwise (plus the fact that it can be very warm in the evenings sometimes - like last night!)
  9. Hi,

    I have seen some weird and wonderful variations on this.

    1) 3 white thin tapes sown on upper arm.

    2) A set of No 2 Dress Stripes

    3) A lighter less thick set on No 2 Stripes

    4) The old small Sgt Stripes from Combat jkts you know like the RM style black on a small rectangle square

    5) Sgt stripes on the shoulder via a rank slide.

    I would say No2 stripes were the way ahead.

    Might be worth checking with the Screaming Scull for a County Directive on Dress Code.


  10. HPF, thats what my cadets are doing at present, by the time they get to Camp in August, they should have it squared away, hopefully!
  11. Slightly disagree with that, I have been in a few regts and the norm was always the "Pillow" stripes, only once did I ever wear No 2 stripe on a shirt and that was mainly down to our ex- RHA RSM, not sure if its a donkey whalloper thing.

    The lt green stripe I have seen on a few REME types for some odd reason and the subdued ones are a real commando thing

    Edited to add:

    Had a quick thought about this, when i was in cadets I'm pretty sure it was pillow stripes HOWEVER, quite a few wore brassards with shirts (probably to save sewing any more stripes on shirts), if you want uniformity, then you should match the cadets who would be wearing brassards, so perhaps No 2 tapes ARE the way ahead
  12. In YACF the general rule is that the old combat patch type ranks are worn on the brassard. AIs wear rank slides or No.2 Dress ranks on pullovers.
  13. As far as I know its a brassard with no2 chevrons. However, a rarity used to be that in some units a junior nco could wear small metal chevrons on a wrist strap, smilar to a WO. There is nothing wrong with green shirts in the right situation, if kept ironed correctly they look neater than CS95's. It is a sign of the times when the only dress you will see all the time is CS95. I would love to see a bit of a turnaround where barack dress be used again. The RAF use it afterall.

  14. I gotta say, IMHO that is a real bone suggestion.

    Barrack Dress as it was, the increadably hot and uncomfortable bottle green nylon trousers!

    A new style of barrack dress yes, like shirt OG/lightweights but a slightly different cut and material. But not that old shoit!

    So what if Crab Air use it???
  15. The later barack dress trousers were much improved and of good quality. I admit the earlier ones were shite. It just seems stupid to me for someone say working in an office in the UK should be wearing CS95's all day. Maybe its in case he gets a mortar attack from the photocopier? We need to neaten up of we are not in the field. Fact.