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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Rumpelstiltskin, Nov 6, 2008.

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  1. I'm a STAB OCdt, and have decided to take advantage of the lack of terrifying RMAS RSM's to wear a natty wooly-pully-with-rankslides combo in the field (though I'm not sure what to wear under it- a norgy would surely be too warm).

    Does anyone:

    a) know of a source of OG, as opposed to DPM, white-tape rank slides
    b) think this would be a terrible idea (I've already been warned off my beloved 58 pattern belt) ?
  2. I hope your not Infantry.

    Wooly pully soaked through, wearing a wooly pully on a long tab... theres just so many things wrong with this.
  3. You've been reading the eccentrics thread, haven't you?

    This is a ridiculous idea on so many levels, but if you truly feel the need to look like a fool and feel really uncomfortable then get a Helly Hansen baselayer under it to stop the itch, and buy two OG rank slides from cadet direct and put some white tape around them.

    I guarantee you'll only try this once before going back to the ventile T-shirt, Norwegian and smock. The piss-taking alone will drive you towards the edge of whatever sanity you have left.

    What was the reason for you not being allowed to wear a '58 belt? If they're that strict, do you reckn they'll let you do this?
  4. Are you starring in one of those grainy 1970s training videos, sporting an SMG and a tin helmet?
  5. If we're lucky this will be a Wah BZ.

    But yes, the p!ss taking will come thick and fast.
  6. Oh hey Rump.

    How are things down your way, going along nicely?

    I can't imagine 'the Sergeant-Major who always called upon you as demonstration bloke because he knew your surname' will be too pleased at your sartorial elegance, there again maybe it'll remind him of a previous time? For extra bonus points, accesorise with a cane and monocle :p 8O

    Must arrange to get the lads together, apologies I couldn't make it t'other weekend.

  7. Bad plan here chief. There are several likely scenarios running through my mind and none of them result in you looking good therefore despite the fact that I own at least one such OG rankslide, for your own benefit you can't have it (or both if I happen to have two)!
  8. Without turning this thread into a circlejerk, I think a wooly-pully is FAR more acceptable than S******'s OG canvas gaiters, in mid-August.

    Really, I thought wearing a wooly-pully would psych me up for PRACTAC, as I wield my pointy stick. There is something very ally/dashing about Cold War kit. What it is exactly, I have no idea.
  9. True, old school and warry are dichotomous... Moustaches and huge sideburns all round? :D
  10. You seem to have made your mind up, do post on here once you've spent a cold, wet weekend in January out In the field wearing a wooly pully.
  11. The term is 'Bolo'. And get a Stephan's shirt in a green or khaki under it, as you need a collar to stop the neck chafing. Scrim and jungle boots with a 'SAS' windproof to finish off.
  12. Rump if you're just after some warm kit to replace the issue fleece with the scratchiest horriblest collars in Christendom (I do not like them either), may I point you towards what I just spunked some cash on:


    Not very Cold War I'm afraid and not uber-warm; but certainly keeps the wind out on a certain mid Wales training area and warm enough to cut about in in winter but without overheating, and is DPM too. Worth considering?

  13. If your tabbing/patroling in the UK you can get away with wearing your smock, helly hansen and a t-shirt/jumper (note, regimental style not a fecking wooly pully) and just buy a Softie for when you go firm (I also have a windstopper just In case but have never had to wear a Softie AND a windstopper).

    I haven't seen UK weather where anything over the above Is needed really.
  14. OOh, that's nice... very nice.

    In fact, that's a good website, which I hadn't seen before. I don't think Silverman's are ever getting any more of my money now...
  15. Yep the issued thermal top is a good 'un as well. Not the old cottony ones, the new breathable type thats fuzzy on the inside.

    I use mine over a T shirt instead of a Norwegian. The Norwegian is cotton and will hold your sweat inside it, not drying out, so why take it in the field? The issued thermal top doesn't have a high collar but its better at keeping you warmer (not wet with sweat = no freezing when you stop tabbing and the windchill gets to you), then whack a fleece over it and you're alright for some gibberingly-cold temperatures.