OG Lightweights Still On Issue?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by haydng, Aug 18, 2010.

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  1. Anyone know whether OG lightweights are still being issued?

    Cheers, H.
  2. I was issued 2 full sets about 3 years ago. Never worn them, never seen anyone else wear them!
  3. Cheers buddy. Unfortunately some idiots are still forced to wear these things but typically can never get hold of them!
  4. Issued all my kit a month ago. None issued this time.
  5. yes, they are still available because RMAS TA courses etc require them for the kit list.

    However i have heard rumours that a new pattern is going to become available ( cotton but no side pockets) for use as part of a revised Barracks / working Dress.

    current NSN = 8405 99 977 0500 - 0522
    & 8405 99 288 6674 - 6695

  6. Still issued for tabs / map reading exercises at RMAS.
  7. and the rmp used to wear the no leg pocket versions. nowadays the majority wear combats
  8. We still wear them for drill
  9. Are Lightweights with pockets now about to become "Ally"?

    Oh and a thought, don't you have to wear lightweights on Pegasus Company too?
  10. P Coy staff and the Para Regt PTI's at Depot Para still wear lightweights, and yes the ones with the leg pocket are now "ally"
  11. Oh Goodie. I'll dig them out of my Olive Drab (never thought I'll be wearing this shite again) bag when I get to wear FAD in 2018. They have stiched in creases too which will make my life easier.
  12. What goes around comes around eh?!?
    Lightweights now ally - who'd have thought it
  13. must be two tone...........................................
  14. Def got to be two tone
  15. When I was attached to 2RTR from 2005-7, we had to wear tailored LWs in the Cpls Mess (i.e. normal trouser length without twisters) to mess meetings. Can't remember what the rest of the costume consisted of. The RSM was a funny **** at the time and so was his replacement but by then I was a senior and the LWs were handed back in.