OFW file extension for ArmyNet

ArmyNet, in its infinite wisdom has bought in a peice of software that doesn't exist on most peoples PC's; therby rendering the ability to search for and open information on some pages impossible. :roll: If you have tried to open a file only to be told you don't have the right program to open files with a .OFW extension, here is the link to obtain the download from the company that built the system that the MOD bought to give the squaddies the access to the files that they might need but can't download... deep breath! :p
ArmyNET simply made available the forms that the Army produce and the tool that you need to amend those forms. We have investigated a new version of the form (think its an WOFW form) that you can edit online without the need to download. We also provide the link to formfiller on the main forms page.
Got OF Filler on DII(F) anyone know how to populate the form since it seems to be locked when downloading the 1045 form off armynet

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