OFV's (Covid-19) - Officer Familiarisation Visits

Any one else managing to get any OFV's currently?

My CSM says they are not on atm, but Capita are never right about anything so checking with other current candidates.


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I'd suggest that given Capita and your CSM are the focal point for Army recruitment, they will be more current than 99% of the ArRSe readership.


I had one organised with the Yorkshire Regiment but it has been put on the back burner for now. I presume this may be the case for all regiments.

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Even the Arms and Services displays at Sandhurst didn't happen this term. All is currently on hold but I sense a shift in policy will occur over the course of the summer. Just not yet.
Update - having now been in communication with 4-6 Reg/Corps, some are doing virtual OFV's, others are doing virtual interviews to prep for in-person OFV's and others are doing nothing at all atm.

In person OFV's are slotted for a return Octoberish provided necesssary conditions are met.

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