I thought this would be fairly straight forward, but am discovering how little I know about Offshore Banking.

I need a current account. Debit card, international transfers, online banking, etc. Gibraltar looks the best bet to me, as they have the 100% to 100K compensation agreement in place, whereas IoM, Jersey, et al, only seem to have a 50K one. Interest rates seem comparable ( the amount that will be in the account will mean it won't make too much difference).

I also need a savings account: Instant access, most minimum deposits I can cover (except Santander, for now!). Does it makes sense to go with the same bank I have my current account with?

Barclays and TSB seem to do accounts based in Gib, but how good are they?

Investments: I'll deal with that later ;)

Any advice, experiences, etc, would be appreciated here.
Are you working offshore and looking for a solution or just looking to place UK earned money there?
Working offshore at the moment. I've been out of the UK for years, so no tax implications there, and will have been out of Ireland for a full tax year before my contract is up, so will not be taxed there either.

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