Offshore wind farms

Happy days. We used a company called cyberhawk. Good blokes (and a lady). I took a team up to trial flying one on the inside of a blade both in the bunny ears and down the vertical. The lead pilot asked if I wanted to have a go but I made my excuses and declined. Bit too expensive if I messed it up! If I remember correctly your batteries are wildly expensive too so best of luck with it. Hope you get good weather.
250 a battery and you need 6 to take off! I’m taking 36 so with hot charging we shouldn’t have much downtime. It’s not about speed but the images, 48MP needs a big heavy camera but only this size will show those minuscule cracks were looking for
This popped up yesterday. Quite topical and quite typical of the Chinese. If you look carefully you can see purple smoke all around the bridge.


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