Offshore Patrol Vessels

My usual c/s is u/s. DEFRA are recruiting 3+ dozen maritime enforcement / operations / intelligence type bods who will work on-board RN vessels patrolling... fisheries.
I know. However - if the Navy's core role is war fighting, surely it makes no sense to dilute war fighting capabilities in favour of constabulary tasks? I fear the politicians have been asleep at the wheel for years. More importantly - we need people!
Then upgrade up the Coast Guard to what the US has.

Can't have it both ways.
This ex Navy demonstrator testing a trimaran hull has just gone on sale
TRITON - New Sales CA | News | Ocean Independence
Yacht | Ocean Independence

Were the UK's findings substanially different from the US, hence they went for their LCS/Independence class?
Nope. Horses for courses. Once you get to a certain length of ship, monohulls overcome the advantages of trimarans and cost less. Triton was built to confirm the numerical modelling predictions for hydrodynamic performance and structural loading to verify the design tools to allow folk to come up with sensible designs. It wasn't a prototype or anything like that.

For the US one, they wanted a shedload of deck area at low weight/displacement for high-speed, hence aluminium trimaran. As FFG(X) gets bigger and assuming it doesn't have an unfortunate outbreak of go-faster stripes, a trimaran will be less attractive.
Then upgrade up the Coast Guard to what the US has.

Can't have it both ways.
Problem is MCA is Dept of Transport while Fisheries is split between MMO (DEFRA) and SFP (Scottish gov)...

There's a case, post Brexit, for creating a ministerial portfolio for it but I'm not sure we've got enough civil servants to do it anymore let alone coastguard and fisheries bods!

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