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Have been trying to locate a Company that I am sure advertised on ARRSE many moons ago, I believe they were all former British Officers and SNCO's.

I can't remember the name of the company but they specialised in offering very quick to set up Offshore Bank Accounts as well as advising in finance etc. for former Squaddies.

Does anyone remember the name of the company?
Try a quick trip to the Isle of Mann, and their not in the EU so no stupid rules
I don't know who the company was, but I have an offshore account with Nationwide Intenational. Easy to set up and no fees for transferring money between offshore and a Nationwide onshore account.
You don't need them Gundulf, unless you're seeking an exotic location (eg. Cayman). Your local high street bank will do the necessary. IoM is a good option if it's disclosure you're seeking to avoid..........but it's on the way. If it's a legitimate funds repatriation question, then any offshore jurisdiction will do (eg. Jersey). If it's VAT related, then be careful, this is where treatments differ.
You have got to be very careful when you are involved in offshore banking. There are plenty of such occurrences and the offshore jurisdiction is a matter of concern. The VAT is indeed a matter that's to be the among the first things to be looked into. The spread of the knowledge about this through different means is the only way that we can have better results.
Most people who believe that offshore banking can really assist them to live and work abroad, travel abroad regularly or have a job to more than one country. offshore bank account to help these groups of people, as it provides a centralized location, where you can easily handle international transactions.

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