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Looking to update my CV in time for the big jump at the 16 yr point. Can anyone advise on how to fill a couple of one-liners that would explain what an AMA to a NATO (non-UK) 3* does in Civy speak? Role included speech writing, all communication, coord his direction to the Staff, blah blah - usual lackey stuff.
Throw in plenty of words like Coordinator, Facilitator etc

Use action words like "managed" "created " "established" etc at the start of sentences and if someone below you in the food chainactually did it, still claim it as your "deliverable"

How about "Managed Global reporting matrix for senior governance level decision makers in a multinational environment, including the production of Decision Making information packs and Key Performance Indicators"

Never lie, Bullet points, no more than 2 pages - Resume gets the interview - interview gets the job.

Civy market is going ballistic at the moment with a shortage of candidates in some areas - name your salary within reason.

But remember, civies don't understand what the military does anymore, so cut the jargon. The 20 year HR graduate screening your resume ( if it is not done by computer) will have no idea what a CSM is!

Anther one, if the company you,re applying for has any ex military or TA folks, like Private Smith of the local TA RLC unit, then chances are he will see your resume.

"Hey Smithy... you're in the Army..take a look at this .....What's a Battalion Commander do???"
Executive Assistant to a Senior Board level military officer. Responsible for the staffing of all operational matters, high level policy, long and short term scheduling, in addition to communicating board level decisions and helping drive change through a diverse and extensive organisation.

The role requires the ability to analyse complex issues, draw out the key factors and provide succinct but comprehensive briefs. In turn, take Board level decisions and communicate them across the complete spectrum of the organisation, quickly and effectively, ensuring the intention is clear and the desired result is driven through to a successful conclusion.

Often dealing with staff in significantly more senior positions, the job needs great diplomatic and communication skills, an excellent work ethic, flexibility and determination .......................which you have in spades!!!!!!

B*stard civis make being a receptionist sound like they ran ICI. I am now a civi having spent 12 years in the Army, take it from me "big it up." I found that I was just not getting any interviews until I bumped into an acquaintance who was ex RA and AAC pilot. He said "great CV, take it away and when it is so nauseating you want to be sick when you read it, it is good enough".

I got a great job and have just been promoted after 18 months in post.

Word of advice, join the List,, buy it, go through it, marking up everyone who is doing a job or working in a company you are interested it, same Corps/Regt as you etc. Ring them all up and say "I got your number from the list, please can I ask you about your job - get some advice, ask them for 3 more contacts to ring who may be able to help, add all this in a table, once a month email all your contacts and say "I have just redone my CV, please have a look at it and give me your comments"

You will soon have a network in the hundreds and soon you should get some interviews. The rest is up to you!!

I got my job by emailing my CV to an old army mate, who emailed it to another ex army guy he knew vaguely, who emailed it to another ex army guy, he was called by a new ex army guy I had never met, looking for a project manager, he was sent my CV, 4 interviews later I had a job, 3 months after leaving. That was 2 years ago when the job market was much tougher.

Good luck! If you want more advice PM me.
demarcation asked for a

......couple of one-liners that would explain what an AMA to a NATO (non-UK) 3* does in Civy speak? Role included speech writing, all communication, coord his direction to the Staff, blah blah - usual lackey stuff.
'Alistair Campbell on a leash'.
You might also like to contact your regional SaBRE Employer Support Executive, who may be able to put you in touch with companies who employ reservists and who will look favourably on military experience.

Quick tip from somebody who sees a lot of cv's be careful your target isn't ex military - we have a good chuckle about some of the cv we see - ah right so this guy was a dog handler - asst adj does not equate to non-executive director of a dynamic organisation with assets of £50,000,000.
If your technical REME/RLC with DPA/DLO experience I might be interested in CV!

Good luck.
I've been through CTW twice and they are excellent. 3 day workshop that sholudn't even come off your resettlement time. You get coaching in CV writing and interview techniques among other things and a massive book full of jobhunting tips. They will pretty much write the CV for you.

Who you know is more important than what you know and it may be the time to pick up the phone to old mates who have left and who may know someone.
Many thanks for the constructive replys - v. useful - CV ammended accordingly, but one more posting to see out prior to completion...(oh, and the small matter of 6 mths in Basra starting this week!)

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