Offr Cadets Rebuild School In Gambia

Southampton UOTC donate $40,000 to world happiness and peace.

Aaaah, how sweet. I hope that when they return in five years there'll be something left. I suspect there won't be; all the copper piping and wiring will have long been sold, the genny will have disappeared into a small pile of rust, the wriggly tin roofs will be doing service on the village chief's chicken coop and the building will be the village chief's chicken coop.

Forty grand, eh? Some of the students were reported to have cried as they handed out goodies to the local yokels. Yes, I'd have done so myself. Sometimes I worry.
Much better than giving money. As someone said, better not build their little hopes up that anything will be left in five years.

Cynically I suppose they are 'Brownites' determined to pour (our - taxpayers) money into Africa.
Don't be such a cynic.

The guys on the trip have had a good holiday for little more that £1,000 per person. They will have had to raise much of this themselves and seen a bit of the world that will be new to them.

The school, if it is used, is an added bonus.

I was very peripherally involved a few years ago with, IIRC a SUOTC, trip to build a school at Rourke's Drift. Does anyone know if that one's still being used?


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