officiers formation

I would know how is structure the officier's formation? in italy for example a learner officer of infantry, cavalry, aviation etc enter at the Accademy of the Army in Modena for 2 years. at the and of 2 years the learner became 2nd leautenent and went in the war school for three years. at the and of the war school he (or she) became 1st leautenent and go to his branch (for example infantry in the parachute brigade, or pilot in the aviation brigade etc) during the five years of his formation the laerner (and then the 2nd leautenent ) study for a Strategic science degree and also make his military training (the parachutist course, the FIBUA cuorse, the team, patrol and platoon laeder course, the first aid course etc.)
so how is the oficier's formation in the british army?
thanks for the answer

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