Officially I have now seen everthing!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by meiktilaman, Jan 22, 2007.

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  1. Browsing through the address history on the shared PC on the rig I discovered this little gem!!!

    Visit the photo gallery its well worth it! I think i may have discovered the lair of the 49 beast!
  2. That just your company and you have banged it on here for a bit of free advertising :tongue:

    Gareth looks the epitomy of Elite Soldier, is that you?
  3. Errmmmmmmmmm no Dinger I do stuff like this to pay my bills!

  4. Feckin brilliant pics of trees an stuff!! :brilsmurf:
  5. Do you get all of that pole up your ricker?
  6. What in the name of God are you up to? Looks a tad unusual!

  7. what can i say jimmy I'm talented lol

    Changing bulbs FM Find the daffodils dont quite take to the rigors of the north sea! Actually changing the bulbs for the helicopeter warning lights!
  8. Ever seen a man eat his own head?
    The you HAVEN'T see everything! and neither have we!
  9. Fair point!!! I saw a leopard eat an indian in the paper a couple fof days ago!!

    Am I allowed to say indian now?
  10. ...RACIST
  11. I didnt make the leopard eat the nice man from the sub continent!
  12. Leopardist
  13. oh bollocksy bugger!!! i didnt make the nice man from the sub continent put his arm in the nice leopards mouth!
  14. Feckin' obvious! They're using him as bait! They must be after a kraken, or a Great White... Some fishin' pole, eh? :tongue:
  15. FFS

    I thought 'Alpha Tango 5' looks particularly ally.