Official, we blew-up the nazi blow-up doll factory!


"Italian newspaper 'Corriere della Sera' says Nazi dictator ordered production of inflatable sex dolls for S.S. soldiers; doll would be blonde, blue-eyed with large lips and breasts; The plan was never put into action because the factory that was supposed to manufacture the sex doll was in the city of Dresden, which was bombed by the Allies.",2506,L-3104790,00.html

Article goes back to 2005, but I've never heard it before?

Is this what was in mind?

Or this?

There's more

End of the day, I go with hoax, but worth a larff. :D



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Again I think some one is getting carried away. Surely the SS would have taken action against any one caught doing this sort of thing. Also there were many brothels set up which used young Jewish girls to satisfy the German Armies needs

I would.

After Mrurgowsky’ s exit , Dr. Hannussen rejected the idea to cast a face from a living person. He believed in an ”artifial face of lust”, which would be more attractive to soldiers

Fair enough.


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The cunning Hun!
A Thermorest mattress that doubles as a wanking aid. Magic! I may buy one...


Hmmm…………..I know there’s no connection (?), but……….

Sweet dreams are made of these…… 8O :D



Deleted 20555 said:
We've come a long way in 60 years!!!
It's a f*cking sad day when you look at a rubber doll and realise that it is better looking than anything you've ever been with.

Reality. Sometimes it's like getting a roundhouse kick to the face from the Leprechaun of Death.

Deleted 20555

Go on Biscuits treat yourself...I think they take credit cards.....


I doubt the historical veracity of this article. Also, Aryan Nazis would be in a lot of trouble if they were found to be having sexual relations with the untermensch, even after drinking heavily on a Saturday night...

I heard that the Fürhers bunker was quite the party in April 1945, there probably wasn't much call for the SS to use a DIY kit at that time.

I certainly would :D

It's a pity she was probably introduced to Soviet hospitality shortly after the photo was taken.

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