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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by thestoat, Nov 14, 2009.

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  1. Following and evening of discussion and debate, myself, a DR of Psychology, and now writing a thesis for my doctorate in theology is posting my thesis on here, on advice from General Jackson, who values the opinions of you all, as do we at oxford, we have been watching this site for some time, and feel we can get the best cross section from the community here.

    Present are myself, 2 doctors of anthropology, a Doctor of theology, General Jackson, his batman Pte Golden, and assorted other professors, one of history, one of geography, one of law, and others, who come and go from our command centre here at Oxford.

    Now first a word about creationism, it is a fallicy, we discussed it, it is created by the animal tribe of humans, who want to debunk the existence of gods chosen tribe.

    It is much accepted that the human form is the best from for human life on this planet, which is why the apes and aniimals evolved to this form, evolving from this from explains why there are different coloured humans.

    This process is charles darwins thoery of evolution, and we accept this happened, the evidence is there, these animals have created their own religions, to a, subjugate their own people, and b, try to get gods chosen triber to accept them.

    The pyramids in egypt are also there, also aliens exist, they are from gods family, cast out members who wage war on gods chosen tribe, god always defeats these people, although the animal tribe tries to help them, this is a war that is ongoing, as gods family cast out are everywhere, but some of gods chosen tribe have the means also to fight these beings.

    Nature is a force apart from god, and also wages war on gods tribe, which explains the explosion in the third worls population, or animal humans population.

    Now down to the main tribe, god put his own tribe here to rule, and a book to guide us called the bible, in this guide book and rule book if you like, it says use and kill the animals of the worls at your will, it is a fact that gods tribe were us, english, and soem european, now he also says that beastiALITY with animals is forbidden, that includes the human animakl tribe.

    Gods tribe will rule, and was put here to rule, and should be viewed as a kind of kindly firm but fair father figure, the animal tribe should subjugate itself to the gods chosen tribe.

    God cast out the devil, who was angry at this, the devil created his own chosen tribe, and religion, this was the muslim religion, in much the saem mould as gods chosen tribe, to confuse and to try and rule the world, gods chosen tribe has waged war against the devils men for centuries,.

    So there you are, the world explained in one easy small essay, the facts point to this being the ultimate theory, and really is ground breaking stuff for us at oxford, so please discuss and comment, we are available for questions.

    The Oxford University thesis team.

    Due to Oxford security, we cannot give you our names.
  2. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I've not got a clue what your on about
    Not a fukcing clue

    Good Luck
  3. Due to anti-mongtard security, I cannot give you as much as the time of day. To illustrate how tight that security is, I cannot even give a fcuk!

    The only thing 'explained' here is that you are a weapons-grade throbber. Bore off you fcuk.
  4. 8O

    Duh well can you give us a link to this thesis Dr Stoat :?
  5. what ? get spell check you fuckin' window licking mongtard.... c**t... now fuck off.... and stop posting drivel....
  7. I think I have just experienced Deja vous.

    Same time same place same stupid f*cking post last week

    Pr*ck :twisted:
  8. If you are at Oxford, standards have well slipped.
  9. Thesis team? Your thesis is yours. Why are you on a team, are you too stupid to think on your own, mind you if your associates are Th.D rather than Ph.D then it will explain a lot. I suspect however that you are just stupid, have you considered suicide?
  10. It is an ongoing thesis, and has been worked on since last week, updated version.
  11. Hole.


    Pretty Please.
  12. This is the thesis spanny, for you to read, digest, discuss and either agree or disagree.
  13. Consider this your viva then.
  14. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    Oh god, not again. This wasnt even a good joke last week.
  15. Phew that's that proved then . Well done Dr Stoat