Official Study Says: "Fat cats should get more public money"

Well then, what's going on here?

"Council leaders should be given thousands of pounds in "parachute payments" when they are voted out of office, a report has urged.

Pay and perks for councillors should also be dramatically raised to encourage people to participate in local democracy.

The proposals are in an official study due to be delivered to Communities Secretary Hazel Blears tomorrow."

If you want to become a public servant then become a public servant. Don't take the job because you want the public to stuff your fat arse with doughnuts. Oops, what an outstandingly naive thing for me to say :( .

So the government have commissioned a study, and in a hugely surprising U turn from the norm, the study has gone and only recommended that the councillors etc get more money, and perks...

Admittedly, a huge increase in pay and perks WOULD attract people to the job - that's about the only part of it I don't have a problem with.
When, for example, labour are voted out of office in the next election, is it going to be the case that we are STILL going to be paying to keep their arses in custard?

Of course the report doesn't represent government policy, but I hardly think it's completely anathema to the people that work in government either :).

Otherwise, no surprises. Roll on the revolution, get these disgusting, foul individuals well away from their self-created trough. Almost makes some African tinpot dictators look honest!
Labour has done everything possible since being elected to create a political class above all others (similar in many respects to the French system).

Even the tories have started to fall for it.


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In the last couple of years the trough eaters have voted in extra money to upgrade their pensions, £10,000 for 'communications', and are now saying that political parties should be paid for by Joe Public. I don't see why we should fund these bu##ers just cause they want to run the country, then keep telling me they work too hard and don't get enough.

It appears they no want to make the same routine with local govt and have professional councillors who hope to stay full time and make a career out of it instead of just expenses. Of course we'll have to put your council tax to pay for the expertise etc........

More public money for litle value and minus return. If they want the job then do it because of service, not for the spondooks.

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