Official Soldiers Prayer?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by OneEmm, May 3, 2011.

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  1. Is there an official British army soldiers prayer?

  2. Lord, I know what I must do this day
    If I forget you, do not forget me
  3. Don't think that's 'official' but it's a great choice.
  4. "Blessed is he that gets a first round hit ,for he shall live forever"

    There is an "Army Prayer Book" with the official prayer for forces in wartime

    "O Almighty God the Creator and Sustainer of all mankind,
    uphold we pray thee men and women who through perils of war are serving our nation,
    Be thou their strength when they are set in the midst of so many and great dangers,
    and keep them steadfast until they come to thy everlasting kingdom,
    through Jesus Christ our Lord

    1964 Army Prayer Book
    WO 13517
    page 12

    not to bad for an old f@cking Atheist
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  5. I may still have one in our orderly room which I picked up at the IMP to Lourdes so I'll check and get back to you on Friday
  6. Consider obtaining (ebay is best bet) one of the tiny soldiers' abridged bibles/prayer books that were issued or distributed in WW1 & 2. Some of them are only the size of a credit card, and they often contain a dedication to the fighting soldier from some long-vanished Empire society or other.
  7. Oh God, please let me get that bastard before he gets me!
  8. By Sir Jacob Astley before the battle of Edgehill, 1642:

    O Lord, you know how busy I must be this day.
    If I forget you, do not forget me.
  9. I always thought it was
    "Oh God don't let me get caught"

    Or maybe "Stericus Stericus Stericus. Mortis Sum"?
  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    We had a regimental collect (prayer) but I cant recall from heart, its in the history on the shelf behind me.
    I would have thought this woould do;
    Our Q man who art in echelon bring us our daily bread, water and ammo, forget thee not my mail and dhobi and forget not the rounds I need to fire!
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  11. That was my first choice too (don't forget the, "March on, boys!" at the end), but the 23rd Psalm may be more use if they're shooting back and he can find a couple of spare seconds.
  12. BOHICA

  13. Chris Keeble used these words at Goose Green

    'My Father, I abandon myself to you. Do with me as you will. Whatever you may do with me I thank you, provided your will is fulfilled in me. I ask for nothing more.'
  14. Hello Mike,
    It also depends on just how old your "young 'un" actually is. For the youngest there is:


    O God our heavenly father,
    Who hast brought us together as members
    of the Army Cadet Force,
    Help us to do our duty at all times, and be
    loyal to each other.
    May all that is good and true prosper
    among us,
    Strengthen us to defend the right,
    And bless our work so that it may be
    acceptable to thee.
  15. Dyslexia?